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Wierd Voltage

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Hey guys. my X2 3800+ seems to have died on me when i was lapping it so i went out and bought another one for $70


now, when i go to set the voltage in the chip, i can set it down as far as i want, like 0.8 - 1.45, but the max i can pick is 1.45.


with my other X2 it was 1.5 and my 3500+ it was 1.55


whats the deal with that? thats really gay, i wanted to hit higher speeds with this one

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I myself really don't know what to say about that.. What was the question? It would seem like a board-bios issue to me. A modded bios might give you some more volts. If I remember right that's one of the reasons I quit buying asus boards. At that time they didn't really support overclocking. At least not very much. That was along time ago though.


Edit: Mt a7n8x-e del would support max voltage on the mobile processor to 1.825v and on the athlonXP to 1.85.(I believe that's right.) Even with the modded bios. At anty rate diffrent processors would give a diffrent max as far as the core voltages went.

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