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680i Issue,lil Help Anyone?

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hello all, DFI 680I LT code 88 question,i have obtained new bios chip for it.

quick question please...


i just had my dfi 680i lt running flawlessly for 3 months solid,no issues but suddlenly it shut itself down for a code 88 and WILL not start back up.fans spin,mobo lights up,leds on etc but the dreaded code 88,vid card fan spinning,budget ram tried in all slots,unplugged power with battery out for hours,did rain dance:sweat:,,nothing it wont post but powers up np.i recently got a brand new 680i bios chip off a brand new mobo and wondering if it gonna fire this up. only reason im asking is because i have watercooling and its kind of a hassle to unhook everyrthing wtc to see without someone having solid knowledge of replacing bios chip should work or not.very weird thing i noticed the old bios chip had red marker on tip and the new one has a green marker tip on corner.the numbers are different too:eek2:


any advice would be appricated.til i swap my 680i back in the icf3200 runs really good for now i must admit.

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