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Need some help with color scheme

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I've got a new silverStacker 810 sitting here and a 12' roll of carbon fiber vinyl. The case panels/top will be covered in the cf vinyl and I'm wanting to paint the inside of the case a color that will look good with it. I was thinking black but not sure if that will look too dark. I also picked up a can of metallic blue paint...does that sound like a bad combo? Any other colors that would look good? Maybe yellow or red instead?

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Bill Owens tutorials at MNPCTech is a great place to start :)


Make sure the surface is clean and dry before painting.

I always use Primer.

Test for color, shine (gloss, satin, flat, ultra-flat), and adhesion on a piece of scrap or inside of one side panel.

Make sure the paint has a chance to cure.

Don't rush it, let it dry.


Flat or ultra-Flat paints are much more forgiving than Satin or Gloss finishes.

Gloss seems to highlight every imperfection.


I used "Ultra-Flat Black" on the inside of this mod and love it.

Very forgiving and the cables seem to "blend" into the background.

Extremely happy with it.


You may even want to try painting a thin piece of plastic like a notebook or report cover.

Then stick it in the case and see how the color you have chosen looks after a couple of days or a week.

(sometimes chartruese with lemon colored dots doesn't look so good after a while) :)


You can even get a pretty good feel with construction paper.

Tape it in there and see if you like the look.


Use plenty of masking or "painters" tape.

You ALWAYS should have good ventilation.


Did I mention to give the paint plenty of time to dry. :)


Hope some of that helps.


P.S. Be careful of moving cars if painting in a parking lot :D

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Hrmm...I gotta stay true to my Rams even though they suck this year :)


maybe a vomit color would be appropriate.


Although, as a lifelong Seahawks fan, I have to say that Mike Holmgren made some dumb calls during the last game against you guys...I am just glad Gus Farrotte likes to pull out early. Your Rams should have one that game, maybe he would learn his lesson about failing to go for the kill.


Blue, Green and white are great colors.


You should try them on for size sometime. :angel:

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Hrmm, thats pretty interesting. I wonder how a black painted case with a UV clearcoat would look


Me too. My son is interested in trying it out on the computer we're gonna build when I butcher this one.

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