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Project: Cm 690 Water Cooled - Worklog (pics, Pics, And More Pics)

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Hello DIYers,


I was looking for a case that had no front bezel/door, mid-size, fairly cheap, and easy to mod. Aluminum would've been better but the strength steel will do just fine. The CM 690 (aka RC 690) is my target. My goal is to fit a 3x 120mm rad inside the roof of case, with the 3 fans mounted on top - pulling. Lets hope it doesn't turn out to be scrap metal. I'm just a do-it-yourself'er, modding on the fly with no hard plans. Lets get started. :)


The box - how it came, reviling the inside, and sitting next to all my the other boxes full of stuff.









The case with some hardware removed.










What do you think, will a Black Ice GTS (stealth) 360 rad fit inside up top? I'll lose a few 5

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Guest culinist

Nice. I too, own this case. Looking forward to seeing it unfold.

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Did some work on the top


removed mesh, bent mesh tabs and pushed thought the top.....popped right out :)





Cut 5mm acrylic piece to fit top, made cuts for the fans, and tested placement.








I’m waiting on the rad delivery before making cuts to the plactic or chassis. I’m thinking of covering the new top with similar mesh and covering the fans with a black AC Ryan radgrillz.


@HITandRUN: the u-channel came from mnpctech.com. I like the different films they have.....use it to cover dvd/cd drives, fan controllers, ect.....great stuff.

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More progress y:Dy


Cut the top to fit the fans….looks like it might work…..:nod:








No rad yet. A template I’ve used with a 2x 120mm rad was copied to make a triple. Here’s where the cuts will be made.



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