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New PSU for nF4 system

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Hi, my Enermax Liberty 620w just died on me, and now i need a new one. So..


as you can see from my sig a have quite a lot of HDDs, and i was wondering if the Corsair HX620W is capable of running all that (and maybe even more :P)?


i've also been looking at the Enermax Galaxy 1000W, is it any good?

and what about Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR? or OCZ PSUs?




EDIT: forgot to mention that the enermax-style cable thing (modular i think) would be a good thing, cos my case is quite full, and unnecessary cables are not welcome.

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The Corsair 620HX will do you just fine. But if you ever plan to upgrade to dual core, more memory or higher end video card you might consider something with a little more juice right now.


OCZ GameXStream 700W would be a solid choice at a reasonable price, or if you want to spend a little more the PC Power&Cooling 750W Silencer Quad would also fit the bill nicely.


Of course you could always jump up to one of the crazy (put every light in the neighborhood out 1000W units) :)


But seriously, one thing you need to consider here is the availability of SATA and Molex connectors on whatever power supply you choose, and make sure you pick one that is highly recommended here at the Street.


And when you get ready to hit the "buy" button, please use our affiliate partner program by clicking on the link available in our sigs. Thanks.

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Overclock ceilings can definitely be affected by under-performing power supplies.


But the only way to know in your situation is to give it a go and see what happens.


Great choice on the power supply by the way! I've got one of those on my wish list. Hopefully Santa will be nice to me this year :)

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