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Activision + Blizzard = Activision Blizzard!

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So looks like EA finally has some competition at the top of the video game market:




this can only be bad in the long run (look at how EA butchers games to meet shareholder expectations every quarter...us customers get xxxxed every single time)

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i would say it was the other way round :)


I would actually say it's the other way around as originally stated.


Activision NEEDS new companies to keep up with EA (who is swallowing up every xxxxing game dev on the planet it seems...hey, just like Microsoft...how can there be competition if you own everything???).


Blizzard on the other hand, needs NOTHING. WoW itself could keep Blizzard alive and afloat for decades as long as they stick with the plan. On top of that, Diablo3 is rumored to be in development, and we all know Starcraft is in development (hell, South Korea alone could keep Blizzard afloat with just this game).


I'm disappointed by this deal. Blizzard is one of the most respected game devs on the planet. For me, their "it's done when it's done" that pisses everyone else off is like pure gold to my ears because I can't remember a Blizzard game that was released that didn't really need a patch to cure the game, only to balance it...

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