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need a new AGP video card


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My dad just got a new and enormous monitor (1920x1200 or something like that) and his old video card is having trouble running things now.

He has a sapphire radeon 9600pro now, I figured it should be pretty easy to find something newer and fairly cheap that will run better but I don't know what to get. I was look at this but I can't really tell whether or not it'd be a big improvement.

He doesn't really need something incredible, the most stressful thing he does is run WoW which isn't all that intensive.

So, any suggestions on a cheap AGP card that'll still be a nice improvement on his crappy 9600? (looking for cheap here, he can hardly tell how bad it's running now so trying to keep this under $100)

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All good choices :)

In fact any of them will me a huge improvement over a 9600.

Just like death and taxes, you can always be sure that last year's vid card will get killed by the new model this year (similar price points).


Really, for $70 to $99 it will be a big improvement.

(might even get your Dad Jonesin' so he buys even more new toys)

All ATI cards too.

I always thought they had better Image Quality in their entry level cards than nVidia did

Tell him to get a new case too, for himself, for Christmas, to show what a pimp he is (old guys love that when you say that) :)


Use the NewEgg link at the top of page so DIY-Street makes a buck or too. :D


Happy Holidays!

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