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[Resolved] PC won't actually start

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Hi all!


I have the following problem.

I am using the above mentioned mainboard for about 2 years now.

My system specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+

OCZ Gold EL 2048 MB RAM ( 4 x 512 )

2 WD Raptor 74GB in a RAID0

1 WD 200GB

Leadtek Geforce 7800GT

SB X-Fi Music

WD MyBook External HD 500 GB on Firewire 800

PCIe Firewire 800 Card

and perhaps also very important for this problem:

beQuiet Blackline 470 Watts Power Supply


Until three days ago everything went more or less fine (i will come to the "more or less" later on) but since then, when i push the power button, be it the one of my tower or the button on the DFI Lanparty Board, the computer wont do ANYTHING. I didn't change a thing actually.

The powercords are correctly attached...and it worked before...so...

Even the mainboard LED is active. The only thing i saw is, as soon as i plug the power in, or respectively switch on my power supply, the fans move for a millisecond, and thats fully normal... it was like that before.

But when I push the button nothing happens. Not the tiniest sound or signal...

Nothing is starting up. As if it was dead.


Now I was saying something about "more or less".

I observed that some months before the following phenomenon started to happen: my powersupply is plugged into a power strip, where also my monitor and my speakers and some other things are plugged in. On this power strip there is an on/off switch too. Now in the night the switch is turned off, to prevent any of the equipment attached to this strip to drain power.

The next day when I turned on the power strip and then turned on the PC it wouldn't work at once. I had to wait about 20 seconds until the PC would start, and this time span was, as I felt, always the same. So this was normal for me from then on, that when I have the power cut off from the pcs power supply, I had to wait 20 seconds after turning it on again to turn on the PC.

During the day, when I shut down my PC and restarted it some time later there was no delay for switching it on, because the power supply was not cut off from power.


Well, sorry for the long text, now here is the question:


What do you think is the problem here. The power supply? The mainboard? Something else?

The funny thing is, as mentioned... the mainboards status LED is on after switching on the power supply. Pressing the power button on the case does nothing further instead...


Please, i need help. Especially because of the RAID0, which of course can only be used with the RAID-Controller of my mainboard... so I really hope it's the power supply or even something else.

I just want to hear your opinions/experiences.


Thank you for that in advance.




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Oh my god. I see this problem seems to be a regular here... :(

Didn't expect that, so i did no search before posting. But where is a proper solution to this? Is it the mainboard now, or the power supply? O.o


And what exactly is the cold boot problem? And how could I get rid of it?


Thanks for your time.

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Willkommen bei DIY-Street :D


Most likely a dead PSU; the fact that you had to wait before it would power on is a telltale symptom of a dying PSU; FYI, dead PSUs usually still provide standby power, which explains the status LEDs being lit.


BTW, I've never heard of beQuiet PSUs and 470W is on the low side anyways; for nF4 boards min 480W native 24pin PSUs are imperative.

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Thank you for the fast answer, and thank you for the nice welcome greeting :)

Your advice seems just right, other threads also describe this behaviour.

Well i can only say thank you again and ask a final question:


Is there a big probability of the PSU harming the motherboard? Or should things normally work fine, after i bought my new 100000 Watt PSU ... j/k ;-)


Cause I really love my board...


Grüße aus München!


PS: also it makes sense that it's a damaged PSU because I added some little components from time to time... this will have made a difference... slow and silent death...

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rado is right on as usual.:)

It is probably a PSU issue.


I've read a number of reviews/threads on the beQuiet PSUs, and frankly been quite impressed with what I have read.


Driver Heaven had an exceptionally glowing review.



A lot of PSUs get "badmouthed" because of issues with the DFI NF4.

The fact is, it takes a LOT of current/power at turn-on.

Even outstanding PSUs like the OCZ Powerstream 600 had issues with the boards.


At 60, I feel I can keep up with the group walking (The PSU average power) but I may not be able to make the "sprints" (Turn on power requirements).


I might even be capable of "sprinting" for a year or 3, but eventually I'll "probably" have a heart attack. And die! :)

Same deal with PSU, it just can't handle the demand anymore.


You weren't overclocking it were you?

No not you :D

OK, fess up, maybe just a little :)

Lil increase in FSB? :) :)

Touch of Vcore for good measure?:O:o:o


See, you are blushing!


K man, it's kewl.

You did nothing wrong, you were just a little promiscuous :)


A dying PSU can kill a lot of components. Try another.

If that doesn't fix it, PM radodrill :D

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Thanks for your advice! Very cozy in this forum!

Yeah I also heard just good things about bequiet PSUs.

I think I just ignored the fact that I added some peripherals over the time and 470W come to an end somewhere too...


Yes I overclocked from time to time but not the last 2 months...


I chose the Corsair HX 620. I want to go with pluggable because my tower is very uncomfy with spaceing.

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another PSU story, with a successful ending.


the PS problem is the most talked about single problem with these boards....


some how a sticky with multiple colors on the front page might just bling posters into actually reading up on the PS problems....


and, happy to hear it is running again...



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