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is my mobo dead?

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hi, yesterday when i came home from work i switched my computer on.. but it wouldn't start.. now i have it in pieces and been trying to start it without a case. i know that the ram work, cos i tested them in my Socket-A rig..

The PSU didn't start completely in the Socket-A rig. It run for a second or two, but then stopped, like i would have switched it off. Is this normal? should a ATX2 PSU work in a Socket-A system? Can it be the PSU? It would be a bit strange cos it started and that it doesn't do at all in the 939-rig...

The "small yellow led in the left lower corner" comes on when i switch the psu on, but nothing else.


so my guesses are either the CPU or mobo is dead. Or what do you think.

I've been runnin gthe CPu 0n 1.525V lately, but temps have been max 40C on full load. And as far as i know, that's not too hot.


My compter has been a bit slow lately, but don't know if this has ANYTHING to do with this. Just trying to list as much info as possible.


All parts are about 2 years old.



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