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Finally I'm going H20 (thru carbon offsetting)

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Yes after years of talking and thinking about it i decided to put my money where my mouth was and get stuck in!


How wrong can it go?? (:tooth:)


Got a shedload of gear from thermaltake/dangerden/aquaxstream/waterchill and much more :confused: I'm a damn hoarder!


Im not promising the best build guide or paticularly the cleanest but it should provide some light entertainment :eek2: for your viewing pleasure!!!

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1. Radiator

I have 2 rads a thermochill 120.3 and black ice 240

2. Reservoir

I have 3 -2x Thermaltake and one Alphacool but I fancy having 2 - one in bay and one custom-made inside my case


3. Pump

I have an Alphacool Res/pump but thats a bit lame so I'll probably use the AquaXtreme 50z pump I have

4. Water blocks

CPU - I have 3 - Waterchill, DangerDen TDX and AquaXtreme MP-05 Pro again I would use the TDX but its had a muppet trying to lap it ( no the muppet isn't me this time :tooth:) and so I think I'm gonna use the AquaX.

GPU - I have I think 2 DangerDen Maze 4's I think but will have to check :P

NB - I haven't one believe it or not :tooth: so will be looking for your advice!!


5. Tubing.

I have Tygon that was used on of my friends for only a month so I'll use that it unless its "leaky" (is that even a word?)

6. Fans.

As you can tell I really am a hoarder i have loads- 120mm i have 3 Arctic Cooling, i have 4 Aluminum Evercool of and also 4 Pabst.


I could really do with some maps for sequencing this lot I am researching like mad so hopefully will update this soon but any ideas thoughts would be much appreciated!

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Radiators are both good choices


I prefer the LIANG D5 pumps or possible the DDC with Petra's Tech top; but the aquaextreme should be OK


For waterblocks I like DangerDen, Swiftech, EK-waterblocks, and D-Tek; wouldn't be that much work to just re-lap the TDX would it?


For loop order; do it such that you get the cleanest tubing runs; only constraint is that the Res/T-line should be the last thing before the pump.

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