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[Newegg - Ends 11/27/07] KWORLD HDTV Tuner Card w/Remote - $10 after

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$9.99 after $45.00 Mail-In Rebate


Please use our DIY-Street storefront link for purchases. Just click on the newegg linked image below and search for Item # N82E16815260007




Model: ATSC 120


FM Tuner: Yes

Remote Control: Yes

Interface: PCI

Windows Vista Certified for Windows Vista

Video Format: MPEG-1(VCD)/MPEG-2(DVD)

Image Format: JPEG / BMP / TIF/ PNG





Interface: PCI

TV Tuner: 75 Ohm (UHF/VHF) TV Antenna (Digital and Analog)


TV Frequency: 55.25~855.25 MHz (NTSC)

S-Video Input: 4-Pin Mini Din

Composite Input: RCA Jack

Audio Input: RCA Jack (L/R Audio Input)

Audio Output: RCA Jack


TV Frequency: Terrestrial digital channels (ATSC)

Video: 8 bits Vestigial Side-Band Demodulation (8VSB)

Audio: Dolby Digital AC3 audio output


Operating Systems Supported


Windows XP(SP2) / Windows XP MCE 2005 / Windows Vista


System Requirements


Pentium IV 2.4GHz (3.0Ghz above recommended for HDTV programs)

256MB RAM (512MB recommended)

Graphics card (Must support Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or above,

High-end hardware Graphics Card with DX-VA feature

recommended for HDTV programs)

Sound card (AC97 compatible sound card)

PCI 2.2 Compliant Slot

1GB free HD space

CD-ROM drive (For software installation)


For Microsoft Media Center, Time-shifting and MPEG 2 capturing

Intel Pentium IV 3.0GHz or or equivalent AMD CPU higher

DDR400 1024MB RAM of system memory or above

Graphics Card (Windows XP MCE 2005 / Windows certificated)

Sound Card must compatible with Windows Vista

Free HD space for recording

(e.g. record 1 hour programs into MPEG2 files takes around 1.8G)

Windows XP MCE 2005 / Windows Vista Premium above


Supports Digital TV for ATSC, Analog TV for NTSC and listen to FM Radio

Watch HDTV program (ATSC) or Analog (NTSC) TV programs on your PC or Laptop

Support up to 1920 x 1080i (HDTV).

Additional AV/S Video input for connecting other video

sources. (such as DVD Player/ VCD/ VHS/ Camcorder).

Power-Off PC by Remote Control

ATSC 120 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Media Center

ArcSoft TotalMedia Software:

User-Friendly interface with powerful functions

Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled Recording function.

Auto Channel Scan and Name Recognition.

Supports internet EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for analog TV in USA.

Supports Real-time video recording in MPEG-2 format.

Capture analog and digital Images in JPEG / BMP / TIF/ PNG format.

Edit the Video and Photo files with a simplified operation.

Create beautiful slide show presentations for work or fun.

Supports Closed Captioning

Burn video files into DVD/VCD


Package Contents

ATSC 120

Driver Disk

Remote Sensor

Remote Control


FM Cable


I ordered mine :D

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Ah, I wanna get it, but afraid that it'll arrive after the 27th, and then I'll be screwed outa the rebate.

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I thought that the rebate is good as long as you order before the 27th, and if you order after you just don't get the MIR, no?

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Oh yeah, I was dumb. Just read the pdf fine print.


Kinda wary though, lotta negative stuff being said about the card on newegg.

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lol sometimes paying full price and then cursing something while waiting for the rebate so you only had to pay $10 for something you want to stomp into the earth just isn't worth it lol.


not saying don't buy it, but also saying make sure you filter the comments at newegg because in my experience, a lot of idiots and lunatics post nonsense in the review things. Dunno how many times I've read some moron's review and I'm thinking "because it doesn't support a damn 65nm cpu retard, didn't you read that before you ordered it?" etc.

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Heh, yeah, I generally take the newegg reviews pretty lightly. But, when they're that vast/negative, it does tip a bit of a warning signal in my head. I'll think about it, because even if it just barely works, 10 bucks isn't half bad at all.

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I bet that thing can't handle multipath signal for ..


If you're using an antenna don't cheap out on the tuner or you'll highly regret it.

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I don't know, my order never went through since I was a couple of dollars short in PayPal. I figured it would just draw the difference from my bank acct, but I guess not... maybe it's not meant to be.

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