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Chances of fitting a cooler in my case?

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Hey everyone!


I plan on doing some OC'ing sooner or later (once my new CPU comes in).

I currently have an Alpha 8150T heatsink (it's not too bad)...


but I plan on upgrading to an Thermalright Ultra-120.


here are the dimensions for my case:


535x 192x 430 mm


and these are the dimensions for the Ultra-120

Heatsink & Fan Dim: 160x132x93mm

Would I have enough space to make sure this cooler performs adequately? Or should I just go with the XP-90 instead?


Ultra-90 Dimensions:

L116 x W96 x H96 (mm) Fin only, with 25mm thick fan


your inputs are always appreciated =]

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The fan on the ultra 120 blows through it rather than down on to it so being close to side of case shouldnt effect performance.


Saying that though remember the dimensions given for the heatsink are for the heatsink itself... You have to allow a bit for the actual distance the mb sits off from case plus socket and cpu height. Dont just take the overall width of case as a guide....measure up from cpu to check :)

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