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Older member coming back for help!

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i am trying to break the 3Ghz on my A64 4200+x2, and i am having issues


My setup:

DFI lanparty Ultra-SLI

2Gb G.Skill HZ F1 DDR500 3-4-4-8 @250Mhz 2.7v

AMD 64 4200+x2 toledo E6 @250x11 ROCK SOLID

8800gt @690/1725/1000


i have read many of the OC'ing guides but I am not able to get 272Mhz stable. i can get the computer and windows to load at [email protected] which from what i read is good start to be able to boot into windows but i need to get it stable. Once i run prime95 or try and bench Crysis it errors or crashes. (Is there a guide that explain each settings on DFI LP-UT bios?)


Also i dont think it is a problem with my ram i think it has to do with the CPU but i am not sure, but i know my ran can run 1:1 if i drop the multiplier to [email protected] and the system runs fine.


Do i need to increase the voltage higher?

Are there suggested settings for DFI LP UT-SLI, G.Skill, A64X2 E6?


**i am realy stoked to hit the 3Ghz mark as it means i can run Crysis at avg of 34FPS on High with the DX10 Xp Mod. (funny thing i was able to bench Crysis @272 fbs but i crash when i try and play the game.



***I have attached Pics and html from a64info and cpuz

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Guest Blooz1

Here's a link to the ongoing thread on G. Skill HZ's and other UCCC-based ram;




This is a great source of info, and you'll find many suggestions on how to wring the last "Nth" of performance from your HZ's, which were a great favorite here over the past few years.

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I've also been having some issues with this! Trying to revive my old 4400+ setup and pushing it at leas up to 2.8 ghz safely. Instead of running a Zalman CNPS9500LED on the 4400+ now, I'm running a Tuniq Tower 120 w/ AS5. Running the same ram as you and having some issues.. I used to own a pair of EB Platinum's from OCZ, but those are long and gone!


Let me know how it goes mate! Would love to get this up for a home server! =)

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