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Motherboard Randomly Not Posting

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Let me explain my problem. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that sometimes when I would reboot my PC, I would go to the Vista login screen, but when I click my name to login, the box would not pop up for me to input my password in. Essentially, I was stuck at the login screen.


I noticed that I could fix this problem by giving it the hard reboot, restarting the computer, pulling the plug, turn off PSU for 30 secs, putting plug back in, and starting the PC.


However, 2 days ago, this technique wouldn't work. So I decided to load optimized defaults in my BIOS. Still did not work. So I decided to clear the CMOS by resetting the jumpers.


However, now, when I boot, it won't even go into BIOS. Of the LED's, 3 are on.

On On On OFF

[X] [X] [X] []


Here is a little diagram of which LED's are on. I have no idea what to do anymore.


I have done a Memtest86+ before resetting the CMOS, and my RAM is good.




EDIT: I did this with the legit CMOS clear, battery out, and jumpers moved.

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On the Expert board you must not remove the battery.


What happens if you use 1 memory module and power the pc with the keyboard insert key held down.


(You must keep the insert key held down until you see something on the screen)

Then try to enter the BIOS.

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