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AV cable store

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If anyone has need of good quality cables for great prices, check out MyCableMart.com

Use promo code RTNCUST10PER for 10% off

They ship UPS/USPS out of Minneapolis, MN at pretty good rates. Here's an example of my recent order:


1 MO-HH13-06-3661 HDMI Cable, 6ft 1.3a Cat 2 / CL-2 (24AWG) GOLD M/M HDTV Digital Cable $25.50

1 MO-HH13-03-3871 HDMI Cable, 3ft 1.3a Cat 2 (28AWG) GOLD M/M HDTV Digital Cable $8.25

1 MC-HDM-24-9913 HDMI Right Angle M/F Adaptor RIGHT-SIDE Oriented $17.25

6 MO-SPK-2801 Speaker Wire - Banana Plugs (Pair) Black & Red over Gold ($2.95ea) $13.68

1 MO-SPK-2749 Speaker Wire, 50ft, 16AWG Copper Enhanced Loud Oxygen Free $13.75

1 BB-PP134C Slimline 6-Outlet Right-Angle Surge & Spike Protector, UL/CSA Listed $3.95


Subtotal: $82.38

Tax: $0.00

Discount: -$8.24

S/H: 2 day ground UPS $8.55

Grand Total: $82.69


Comparable to Monster prices, its nearly 1/3 as much. I haven't heard there is much difference between Monster and other cables that are HDMI certified since they all go through the same certification process, so why pay $80 when I can get it for $25?


Ive had friends use the site, and they also can tell no discernible difference or loss in AV quality. Never needing HD cables until now, I thought I'd find out for myself.


Excerpt from the website:

Q: So, are your $8.00 cables the same as the $80.00 cables?

A: Actually, in many cases, we will argue they are BETTER than many of the more expensive "other stores". We have even shopped the competition, and in three cases, the product shipped to us was the identical product that we sold (packaging, IEEE number on the cable, UL number, and yes, even the manufacturer's SKU!). One of the 3ft cables that was shipped to us cost us $83.00 - and it was the exact identical cable as one we were selling for less than $8. So other stores are purchasing from the same manufacturer (either direct, or as most are doing - via a distributor) - but have chosen to drastically mark-up their products. Many have created websites using as many buzz-words possible to try to convince you "they are better". Starting asking WHY they are better...

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Great deals at both of those places! Guess I'm not the only one that doesnt like paying ~$70 for 3ft of HDMI cable...

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cablesforless is awesome. I bought all my cables through them, and they're excellant quality and very innexpensive. You can even have them custom make cables for you.


I have called them a few times, and they are very friendly, and helpful, knowledgeable, and they don't try to get you off the phone if you're not indicating you're going to buy something.

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