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Is my Opteron Dying?

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About a two weeks ago I got fed up with the amount of fan noise from my system and decided to replace my system fans with some 120mm, and to remove the Chip Set Fan and replace it with a home made passive heat pipe one based on a CPU cooler.


So I pulled the system apart most carefully, removing all cables and lifted the Venus MoBo out of the case but left the RAM, CPU and it cooler mounted on the Mobo intact as I did not need to touch them, and fitted the new Chip Set cooler.


Cleaned up the case, moved a couple of drives about for better air flow, fitted the new 120mm case fans and put it all back together again most carefully.


However when I tried to start-up the system it would not boot, I double checked everything and tried again but still no boot. So I cleared the CMOS and went back to NONE overclocked default setting, tried to boot again and the system came up and ran fine. So I started to overclock and found that now no matter what I try I can not get the CPU to go beyond 2520 MHz where before the system rebuild it worked all-day every day without a hitch or crash at 2800 MHz at vcore of 1.35 .


Now I know you may think that I have mist something but I kept very careful notes of the original overclock, pages of them with all the result at various speed being well recorded.


By the way the chip set now runs a couple degrees cooler, and is silent


Any Ideas please many thanks in advance IMK

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more than likely you disturbed something, maybe you knocked the cpu cooler off level a bit.....the only thing you changed was the chipset cooler and added/removed some fannage?


maybe some ram timings need adjusting, you did clear the CMOS, yes?



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My recommendation would be to power down, move CMOS jumper to clear position and remove m/b battery.


Take motherboard back out of case and remove all components (except the new chipset cooler you just installed).


Clean everything up, remove and then reseat the cpu. Clean up the old thermal paste from the cpu heatsink and cpu IHS, apply a fresh coat and reinstall the heatsink. Put everything back together.


Move your CMOS jumper back to the save position, reinstall motherboard battery and make sure you've got all your power connections attached to the board.


Boot and start playing with your settings again.


Something has gone a-miss while you had the board out.

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