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Monitor as HDTV

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I was thinking about getting a nice big LCD monitor to use for my computer and as TV. I know this will work but was wondering how effective a set up like this can be. Mainly I'm worried that regular (non-hd) tv will look bad on the lcd from being scaled-up.


I don't particularly want to run the tv signal through my computer unless there's some reason I'm missing that I should really do this for.


So to sum up:

How well will this work?

Will it be excessively annoying?

What kind of things should I look for in the Monitor that I wouldn't be looking for already?

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well, i can tell you that regular tv will look at little worse, but it's no big deal. fortunately my tv was able to find quite a few digital and hd channels, so i'm not too dissapointed.


personally i would go with something that is 1080p because to me, 1360x728 doesn't look as good on a 32" than it does on a 19" (comparing it to 1440x900).


someone makes a 32" 1080p which is pretty sweet. for the most part you're gonna find 1080p lcd's in 37" or 42" (mine is 42"). it'll cost at least $1000 for something like that (i got mine for 899 at tigerdirect).


obviously you're gonna want hdmi input because a lot of the time the tv's wont accept anything over 1360/728 through vga. if it has dvi, even better. the thing i love most is the pip thing where you can change the input to whatever you want and the size of the pip.


basically, hdtv is the way to go, it's leaps and bounds above my old 19" lcd monitor.

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