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SATA to IDE? (or vice versa?)

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hi Im running DFI Lanparty UT nf3 250GB board, with 2x Western Digital 80GB HDD on the primary IDE channel, and 1x CD-ROM + 1x DVD-ROM drives on the secondary IDE channel. This motherboard has FOUR SATA connectors on it, I need to know 2 things please:

A) is it possible to connect IDE drives (either HDD or CD-ROM types or possible even a zip drive!) to the SATA?

B) How do I do such a thing IF it IS possible?

I should say I have purchased 2 seperate dongles(?) both claiming they can convert IDE to SATA, but when I connect them nothing happens! ( I mean the system doesnt even notice them!)

I would really really appreciate some guidance, actually more than guidance lets say you were trying to teach an idiot to tap-dance OK?

p.s. am I right in thinking IDE & SATA speeds arent that much different? And also if say I kept my HDD containing my OS as IDE master but switched the other HDD to SATA there would be no degradation in performance? Same goes for my 2 CD/DVD-ROM drives?

thankyou for taking the time to read & also for any help you can give me

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