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Moving soon and need cash sale

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All items have been tested and are working. I'm willing to listen to offers, the worst thing I can do is say no. I accept paypal and money orders. If you have a question please pm me. I will not ship first. All items will be sold based on who makes payment first basis. My paypal address is listed at the bottom as is my heat. I'm going to be adding things as I find more stuff.



Corsair XMS 4000 DDR500 2 gig (1 gig x 2 sticks) This ram runs at 250 mhz w/o any added voltage. I never ran it over 255 mhz it may go higher. $140 Shipped



Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro Very quiet AMD Athlon 64 HSF was used on the 3000 above to keep it nice and cool. Works with socket 939/754 cpu's. $15 shipped



*** SOLD *** Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M MATX board AMD socket 754 board. Works great was using as HTPC. Never had a problem with it. Has onboard video and an AGP slot as well. $30 shipped. *** SOLD ***


*** SOLD *** AMD Athlon 64 3000 Mobile Socket 754. Here's the info off the cpu AMA3000BEX5AR CAA2C 0501MPM Mobile cpu's do not have IHS on them so they run a bit cooler and overclock better. This cpu was able to be overclocked to 2.5 ghz with no voltage increase, but YMMV. You get only the bare cpu. $15 shipped. *** SOLD ***



*** SOLD *** DFI Ultra-D modded to SLI-D You get the board, SLI bridge, sound module, back plate, and cables. Got some monster overclocks with this board. Never had any issues with it either. Kinda sad to let it go but it's been sitting in it's box for about 2 months, just don't have a use for it anymore. There's got to be someone out there who's looking for one of these boards. $70 shipped. *** SOLD ***



*** SOLD ***Corsair Value Ram DDR400 2 gig (1 gig x 2 sticks) Basic DDR ram never tried to overclock it or anything. Found out the chips on the ram are the same chips used in OCZ DDR500 ram as well. So Who knows they may overclock pretty well. $75 Shipped *** SOLD ***


*** SOLD ***AMD Opteron 165 retail cpu and heatsink/fan. Stepping CCBBE Never used the heatsink so it's brand new. The cpu works great and was never overclocked it ran at stock speeds it's whole time with me. $50 Shipped *** SOLD ***


*** SOLD *** AMD Athlon 64 2800 socket 754 Retail Info off the cpu ADA2800AEP4AR CAAZC 0438MPMW You get both the cpu and the retail HSF. The cpu was never overclocked at all. $14 shipped. *** SOLD ***


*** SOLD ***Thermalright XP90 Heatsink and 90mm Panaflo fan. Works great both the fins and the base are in good shape. You get the bracket for AMD s754,939, and Intel s478 cpu's. $20 shipped *** SOLD ***




Heat- tomb9712


Paypal - tomb9712 at hotmail.com

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