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Netgear RangeMax Next WNR834B 802.11n draft router and WN311T 802.11n

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In pursuit of better range and higher throuput I decided to bite the bullet and buy into an 802.11n draft wireless setup for my home office system. After reading reviews, recommendations and checking available pricing I bought the Netgear RangeMax Next WNR834B 802.11n draft router and WN311T 802.11n draft NIC combination. Here in the Netherlands both items were a bit pricey.


On my system does not have wired networking easily available. I admit that am too lazy to go down in the dusty, spider webbed crawl space between the living room and the den(my toyroom). I had been using a Linksys WRT54GS v.4 wireless G router and a WMP54G NIC. I was not satisfied with the range and throughput. The most I could get was 45% signal. The distance(@14 meters) between router and NIC gave me poor download speed considering my reasonably decent (1.3 MB dn

227 kb/s up)ADSL connection.


Using my new setup I am actually getting pretty close to the same speed from the wireless as compared to the wired (ADSL modem port )network connection on our living room computer.


I was unable to get the combination of Netgear 802.11n draft router and Netgear WN311T NIC to work under Windows XP Pro x64 edition. The chipset used on both is the Marvell Semiconductor TopGun single-chip solution. Finding a working 64-bit driver at this point is virtually impossible, even from the manufacturer. I was able to connect with the Linksys WMP54GS NIC at wireless G speeds (not good enough for me). So... I took Win XP x64 off my personal system and swapped it with the Win XP Pro x86 OS on the living room system. I did clean installs on both systems. With XP Pro x86 on the office system, setup was not intuitive using the web GUI router manager. I finally found that I had to use the access control setting ( computer name and MAC address) to make the Netgear Router play well with its stablemate NIC.


I found that Netgear's level of support for those of us who like 64-bit operating systems is virtually non existent. They call us high end gamers.:) On the Netgear website there is a blurb which states that they have no intention of providing support to 64-bit OS users.:mad: IMHO That is a crappy attitude considering the current trend towards duo and quad core systems(using 64-bit OS) from AMD and Intel. I know that we are not the average target market but we are consumers with some influence. I went on a bit of a rant at the Netgear site when I initially found that the two products I bought from them, which are recommended and stated to work well together, did in fact not. The manuals provided on the website for download, are not written in a way that someone with little experience could easily understand. I have been setting up wireless through the advent of the 802.11a/b and g standards. I did not find the Netgear products simple nor intuitive to use.


I have not bothered with any of the (i.e. Belkin) generic brands as I reasoned that I would find no support from them. I was right, but the big boys are just as bad.


What experiences have other forum members had with D-Link and Netgear wireless N-draft products?

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