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melt down


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Over the last 24 hours I stripped parts out of both of my rigs that I wanted to sell and to get my Lian Li case ready for intel set up. well my NF4 expert decided it did not want to install a OS on three different perfectly good sticks of mem. luckily I still had some MEM. I sold and used one of those sticks. Now that every things done the other MEM is working great at OC speeds.

So anyway I'm pissed with trying to get the rig up. swaping PSU, HD's, CD burners. Long CMOS clears. When everything finally is going well the monitor goes blank, I happened to detect a strange odor looked over and the WC'ing on the 7900GTX is not running. Shut it down plugged the molex in and restarted. All of sudden water is streaming from the mcw 60 VGA block.


Heres a pic of whats left of the swiftech block. All the plastic melted to the point the pieces of the block are loose



The 7900GTX is running fine on it's stock cooler.

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