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Need help oc'ing S939 X2 3800

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Ok, i want to play Unreal Tournament at better fps so i want to overclock my cpu. I followed "The Definitive DFI AMD Overclocking Guide" and im trying to find my max of my cpu. So i went into bios, and:


disabled K8 cool n' quiet (from auto)

set the LDT/FSB to 3x (from auto)

set ram ratio to 100mhz (1/02) (from auto)

Set FSB to 235 (i had it to 230 before and it was stable oc; i had only bumped the fsb here so very simple oc i did a couple of months back)

Set CPU/FSB to x10.0 (from auto)


my memory timings were on auto btw


save and restart and it would post but didin't boot into windows. :S

so i increased CPU VID startup value to 1.350v and still same thing. It wouldnt boot into windows.


So i changed things back to what it was before and posted this looking for help.




X2 3800

Corsair XMS 512x2mb dual channel


Antec SmartPower 2.0 450w




What should i do?:)




EDIT: f1e9t1.png


for some reason i can't make another post :S

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Welcome to the forum afg34!


Jebus, your rig looks spookily similar to my backup rig :)

link to an OBCD entry here http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...7&postcount=406


I'm using more CPU voltage and bios 704-2bta.

If you select "UserCP" you can use the control panel to list your equipment in a "signature".

This makes it easier for those helping you as they don't have to scroll forever looking for your rig's information.


Please give us the exact memory information on the RAM modules.

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Here is what the stickers on my Corsair RAM read

"CMX512-3200XL (XMS3208v1.1)"

Yours probably have some funny digits on them too :)


Really need to determine what they are if you're looking for OCing advice on them.

We do have a Memory section here that is moderated by a factory rep - "Yellowbeard"



And again, a sig is necessary for technical questions.

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Some info here http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=193752

looks like many are saying 230ish is the max on them.

And most were using 2.8v on the RAM.


RAM speed shouldn't be a factor with that divider.

Did you try a little more voltage on the CPU (1.4v)?


Your sig should show up next post :)

What kind of HSF? stock or?

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