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Onboard NIC not working?


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I just recently reformatted my machine, Windows XP Pro, DFI UT NF4 Ultra-D, 1GB Corsair XMS, 120GB Sata hdd. When I boot into windows, it doesn't recognize either of the onboard NICs. You can go to control panel> network connections and all that appears is the '1394 connection'. When I check device manager it lists ethernet controller, multimedia audio controller, pci memory controller, sm bus controller, and video controller all with no drivers installed and has the dreaded yellow question mark next to them.


I have the chipset drivers downloaded from DFI, but I havn't installed them just yet. The last time I reformatted, I don't remember having to do anything special to get my onboard NIC to work...did I just forget or is something amiss?:(

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