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3 LED's, but no boot

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Hey guyz, my Ultra D now fails to boot. I hit power, fans spin up, the DEBUG LED's run like so:


4 lit, booting

3lit, cpu detected


but that's where it hangs, on the 3 lit LED's. These are what I tried so far:


36 hours clear cmos

Swapped psus (antec true power 2.0 550w, Fortron 530w 20 pin)

Swapped cpus ( 3200 venice, 3400 venice, opty 148)

Swapped ram ( Mushkin BH5, OCZ 4000, gskill 4400)

Swapped video cards ( evga 5200 pci, x1300 pcie)


All these parts are 100% functional and pulled from my other 2 working Ultra D boards. Nothing seems to have any effect, it just stays locked at the 3 LED and won't pass that.


3 questions:


1) Is there anything else I can try that i haven't tried already?

2) Can I RMA it since it's been quite sometime

3) Am I SOL and just deep six it?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Well, you COULD try using another bios chip, haven't heard of NF4 bioses getting corrupted like the NF2 ones, but what the heck, could be worth a shot. Load optimized defaults on one of the other boards and try it in the non booting one.


I assume you've tried the proper clear CMOS technique for recovering from a "no boot" condition? If not, here's how it's done:




Also while doing this, unplug everything non-vital as harddrives, PCI-cards, optical drives etc. If this doesn't work atleast I'm out of ideas, I would say the board is dead.

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I haven't tried this clear cmos method, so it's worth a try. Not sure if the bios is corrupted as I've flashed all 3 of my boards with the same bios (4/06) and they all ran fine, with the exception of this one which just started acting up for no reason :rolleyes:.


I haven't changed anything, so I have no clue. Anyways I will try this method and see what happens, but if it doesn't work, is there a chance I can RMA it?

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