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Guest r3d c0m3t

I think my RAM might very well be fried, over the past few weeks or so I've been getting an insane amount of corrupt windows files, stop errors, and other program mishaps. At first I was thinking it was Windows being an butt of an OS (as usual), but this time it wasn't to blame, it was acting on what may or may not be my fault.


Okay. I've been using these same settings for the past few months, and it would seem that just now it's beginning to show some kind of negative after-effect. Mind you, these settings (which I will list) has been tested to be stable via Orthos for about 10 hours, however, that doesn't seem to be the case. At least not now anyway, when I ran Memtest I saw something along the lines of 100-200 thousand errors (holy .) all within the first two test sessions. I managed the timings a bit, and up to date I've been able to go one whole session error-free, but during the second run it shows errors on test eight. My question is, should I have anything to worry about, and is my RAM infact fried?


Oh, and just for the record, it also shows errors on the default clock settings.


Here's the settings I'm using now:


FSB Bus Freq. 250MHz

LDT/FSB Freq. x 3

CPU/FSB Freq. x 10


CPU VID 1.45v

DRAM 3.00v

NB Analog/Core 1.34v

LDT Bus 1.34v


DRAM Config.


Frequency Set - Async. 216MHz - RAM/FSB

CPC - Enable

Tcl - 3

Trcd - 3

Tras - 8

Trp - 3

Trc - 7

Trfc - 14

Trrd - 3

Twr - 2

Twtr - 2

Trwt - 3

Tref - 3120 cycles

DRAM Bank Interleave - Enabled


DQS Skew Control - Decrease Skew

DQS Skew Value - Left at 0 for the time being

DRAM Drive Strength - 4

DRAM Data Drive Strength - 4 (Reduce 00%)

Max Async Latency - 6.0ns

Idle Cycle Limit - 16 cycles


Help is appreciated.

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Guest r3d c0m3t
Trooper, when you first installed this RAM at the current speed, timings and voltage . . .


Did you run Memtest? If so was it stable and pass for eight hours?


I'll be honest, I really don't remember. I do remember testing it, but if I were to guess, I would doubt it had been when I first installed them. When I did test them at stock settings none of these errors popped up, none of them were apparent when I first started overclocking the sticks. One or two errors may have shown up, but nothing as serious as this.

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