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Can't install SATA drivers.......

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I have had SO much trouble with this board. For the longest time I couldn't get it to post so I finally just gave up. Then my ASUS board started having BIOS problems so I decided to give the old DFI one last try and it booted right up! Turns out it WAS a power supply problem all along. Even though I tried about 3 different P/S none worked until I hooked it up to a Antech P/S and then it booted on the first try!


Now I can't get the OS (windows XP Pro) to install on the SATA raid (WD 250's) so I gave up on THAT after about a month of trying. It just will NOT let me install the drivers (2.6). I get a message saying that the driver package doesn't support the processor type or some such. Is this due to the fact I'm using a Mobile processor?


Even using the standard dual IDE drivers I'm having a problem with IRQ conflicts. Plus, now all of a sudden I can't connect to the INTERNET. My IP address is wrong and it wont allow me to repair it.




So of what I wrote may not be totally accurate. I'll double check the error messages I'm getting when I try and install the drivers and update this post with more detailed info.


Thanks for any help any of you may offer!

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