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Any known issues with G7L630-B Motherboard??

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Does anyone here know if there are any known issues with the following motherboard?






The problem is the following. The person who owns this board is using it on a web server, which was ment to be up ages ago, but has run into some problems. After a while, the entire machine will just lock up totally.


They then took this machine off line to test over the weekend and found that when using Pc-Check, Pc-Check would also haing, but on the memory, which is very strange. I immediately thought of the motherboard (They had already done this testing once before with another 4 sticks of new RAM and still the same results.) The PSU looks to be in good shape but I’m kind of looking more into the motherboard area now. He has 2x 250GB hard disks, 2 x Optical drives, 1 x 775Sct Prescott P4, 4 x Kingston Value 1GB RAM 533MHz (its ok stuff, does the job) 400W PSU.


Please Advice.

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