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stop credit card / insurance applications from arriving in your mail

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Guest RandallTank

i am torn on this subject, i live in maine and the 8+ credit card offers a week i get make nice fire starters

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Seem to be getting a DNS error trying to go to the website, but did find this one in the mean time:



And this one, which shows Angry's link as well as some other ones for junk mail outside of credit card offers and insurance offers:




Ones I'm getting tired are the fking charity ones. I made the mistake of sending in $10, now I get hounded by all of them with probably 2 mailings a day. Dumbasses keep sending me a nickel asking me to return it saying "even a nickel is very important". If its so damn important, stop sending them to me, you aren't getting it back!! And I've got more address labels than I ever plan on using. Good thing I move a lot. See if I ever donate again tho.

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