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Have to replace the chipset fan.. help me choose a new one

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hello everybody and I wish you a happy new year (and for evidence a merry xmas :P).

I just have a question concerning the evercool VC-RE. due to a mistake I broke my chipset's fan. some friends of mine told me about the HR-05-SLI but I don't have enough place to install the HR-05-SLI with a fan and I don't want to install it in passive mode only.

so I'm very furious against me because the DFI's fan was perfect.


and just this morning while I was reading this forum, I saw this thread about the Evercool VC-RE. and it seems to be exactly the kind of fan that I'm looking for.


I have a 7900GTX which is a long card. it covers the dfi's fan.


my question is: is it however possible to install the Evercool VR-RE ? will it have some interferences with the video card ??

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it will clear fine...


the VC-RE has to be installed with the board outta the case, unless you have access to the back of the board with the other side panel off, or a removalble MB tray...


it is hands down the best way to go, the HR-05 will fit too, you can spin the unit around 180* and get the pipes out of the way of the vid (depending on PCI-e slot used), adding a fan is pretty easy, but not needed unless you are planning extreme stuffs.................dual vid car runnings will present a bit of a problem with the HR unit.....extremely tight clearances....


good luck....

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