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Upcoming games in 2007...


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The list of the games that I will play in 2007.

…do I miss anything?

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One down: The Orange Box

My comment on the game: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...82&postcount=23


Move on.


Downloaded the demos of the two games:

I’m playing “Overdose” demo now.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

I played the original and the expansion pack enough.

The hub, weapons, game plays…etc. look a lot better but as ‘same’ as the original one. It is an old school, run&gun style, FPS, which l loved & still love. I am very glad that I can use the “painkiller” weapon again!!! (was the weapon the best weapon of the year?)

Four reasons that I loved the game;

  1. A variety of the maps (single player)
  2. A variety of the monsters (single player)
  3. The battle against the level boss**
  4. A puzzle to find the secrets and frag the level bosses (single player)

The tarot cards could kill fun of game, but challenge to collect them was fun; I was not able to get one card in the original one and one in the expansion pack*, though.

I will definitely buy this game.

BTW, I read someone commented, “Either you like it or not really there is no middle ground on something like this

Indeed, I agreed.


Regarding the demo of “TimeShift”, I just started it. And I just got killed – will I not be able to survive without using the game’s feature – stop/slow/reverse time? So far, the game does not seem to support interactivity with the objects in the environment as much as Half Life 2 does…


I decided not to get Clive Barker's Jericho.


I will drop Hellgate: London.

I think that I will not feel like playing FPS/TPS mix. I might drop Gears of War as well (this is not FPS/TPS mix but I just do not like TPS)...




*Missed tarot cards:

The tarot card in “City on Water” map:

I saw the item to collect to get the card, but I was not able to make “high jump” or “tricky jumps” to get where the item resides…

The tarot card in “Underground” map:

I was not able to frag the monsters when I was in a tolley on the rail like “Merry-Go-Round”…


**Huge level bosses:

I just love the battle against the over-sized enemies! If you love "Shadow of the Colossus”, you know what I mean. BTW, why did “Shadow of the Colossus” not come to PC?...

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Age of Empires 3, Asian dynasty will arrive this year as well...and ill be playing it :)



Universe at War

Sins of a solar Empire

Supreme commander: Forged Alliance

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I almost got to the end of area 51 (the 1st game) and my pc got sick and i had to put her out of her misery. Didn't feel like starting the whole game over again. Pretty good though...but i don't like games that don't have quick-save quick-load.


I really hate battling like hell just to get to the end of the level and get killed just as you are about to get to the next level, and have to replay the entire level again. I really liked farcry, but those levels are very long, and the game gets harder as you progress.

I got fed up with having to replay so many levels. Never did finish it.


Now playing; 1/2life2 ep2


On my list;


Stalker (sitting on desktop, waiting for me to finish ep2)


Maybe Blacksite area 51

Painkiller (per Rainwoods suggestion)


F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate and a couple more i can't remember right now.


Wow...lots of new games. I hope that new g92 card is all the rumours say it is, and doesn't cost a grand, and is available in time for me to step-up. (date expires 12/21).

Looks like I'm going to need it.

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I just played Call of Duty 4 demo and all I can say is bye bye battlefield 2 this is way better than BF2


Agreed on this one! The graphics are awesome on my rig with everything cranked up! Cant wait for the MP!

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Hitand Run, did you buy your card factory oc'ed, or did you do it your self?


Oced myself! But at the moment I'm running stock since there was no need for the 650 / 2000 when I first got the card. This was on the stock cooler as well but I will be putting a better cooler on it or water in the next weeks to play Crysis until the 9XXXGTX comes out!

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Nice oc! And hey, can you do me a favor and either post or pm me as to what you plan on cooling your gtx with? Only if it's an air cooler. All i can find are those thermaltake coolers, and i don't like 'em. All they do is blow all that hot air right down at the mobo and heat up the inside of the case.


And we both enjoy having the same nice cool case don't we? :nod:

I often check Arctic Coolings site to see if they have one for this card, but nothing yet. Just those aerocooler things that are almost identical to thermaltakes version, but nothing for the 8800's.

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