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Week #5: news, notes, & smack!

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Sounds like a plan to me. :nod: My team might not be doing so great but a win over an undefeated team sure would be nice.


Wish I could beat an undefeated team. God that must feel awesome.


In any case, you'd advance to 5-3, and with a couple key losses by Infektion (possible) and Trooper (...probably not) you'd be right there tied for second.


Still behind me of course.


Awesomely this scenario would keep me 2 games ahead of everyone still. :)




Good lord, we could have as many as 8 teams tied for second place at 5-3!


NJ Smashers

Deadly Infektion (assuming loss to NJ)

Quack Attack (assuming he turns the rapist into the rapee)

Team Trooper

Fumbling Fatties (assuming win over Trooper)

Desert Dawgs (almost certainly beat the Thrashing Teachers)

Faroffistan Fairies (ugh, he's still here)

Hayfork Buckstitch (assuming Jennings does pretty much anything tonight]


Plus a handful of 4-4 teams.


Not bad for equality there, half the teams in the league are pretty well evenly matched. Which is weird, because Trooper should theoretically be crushing everyone, Infektion as well. I guess the bye weeks have been a little more brutal on them than me, because my team isn't all that great. It'd be interesting to see just how many different players I've actually started since the beginning.

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Man this is going to be a close one for me, my only hope is that t. henry sits out and s. young has a career game.


How many times do you get to quote yourself, well with henry out mr. young has already given me 5 points and if he gets a td then it's over.

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Have TD passes always been worth only 4 points in fantasy? Doesn't seem right.


Must have always been though, I can't see Infektion trying to screw himself out of a billion points with Brady...but I'm fairly certain that standard rules have them worth 6.

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:beer Waiting to see that big 1 in your sig now. Favre played good though and that first touchdown had me worried.




But hey, good news anyways! Looks like the other two teams in the top 3 ALSO lost (barring any last minute pass for Trooper)! Geez, between me, Infektion, and Trooper we put up quite the suck-fest.


Edit: Overtime?? Dammit. Troop is gonna pull this off.

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[email protected]#@!&([email protected]#&([email protected]#&([email protected]&(@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Favored heavily over this weeks match up by probably 30+ points and I lose by one damn lousy point. Regardless of San Diego's domination LT put up zip for LT and go to WR Burress pulls in a single digit. What a week...


At least San Diego has hit some kind of stride so hopefully I'm about to get medieval for the second half of the season.

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Guest Buckstitch
Cpngrats Buck!

what a hell of a game.


What a game :shake::shake::shake::shake::shake::shake::shake:


Smells like roses around here :nod::nod::nod::nod::nod:


I think I got high score to :beer:beer:beer









Thanks soundx98 :)

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