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Fast DDR1 Ram


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Up for sale is the following:




2x512 OCZ PC4800 Platinum Elites(TCCD). I have been running with these for a few years, they are perfect and have never had more than 2.9v through them(even then only for benchies), they will do 310fsb at 2.8v @2.5-4-3-6.

Looking for £60/$120.




2x512 Centon Advanced PC4000(UTT-CH5). They do 250fsb at 3.4v with timmings of 2-2-2-5. I've had them at 265fsb at that vdimm stable.

Looking for £50/$100.




2x512 G-Skill PC4800(TCCD). This set does the same as the OCZ set above.

Looking for £60/$120.


I will ship to the USA, with shipping cost on top of the price. Postage in the UK is about £6 RMSD. Payment via PayPal for US buyers. Payment via bank transfer for UK buyers.

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