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So I bought an Antec 900 to drown my sorrows :D

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Decided to use both of the Matrix orbital Displays.

The top one is an MX6 (PLED), a much better display off axis but unfortunately no longer made.

Has sort or a yellow/green color to it. This will be for system info.


The bottom one is an MX3 (LED) with a blue display. For Multimedia info.

Looks like I caught a funny display angle on the shot.

I'll repost when I get everything fired up :)




The cables for 1394, USB, and audio all seem to be just a little bit short :(

Hopefully I can get creative and find a way to "dress them" or extend the wires if need be.


I had planned on passing a lot of power leads and SATA through to the "hidden" side of the case.

But I think if I take the time (a lot of time) I can get all the cables connected without it looking like sheet :D


Window is gonna be tougher than I thought as well.

Not to sure this case likes being "tweaked".


And yes Cat, I did think about reversing the HDDs but I just don't have enough room as the front fans go pretty deep into the case already. :)

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I always preferred to have the cables exposed, with some careful planning and attention to detail they make perfect accents to a fine build.

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Guest element

Best 900 ever.....



Seriously it makes me want to modd the crap outta my Antec knock of cases.

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Well, it's cool. :)




Air Flow is freakin' awesome from front to back.

Nothing between the front and rear fans except the AC 64 Pro Heatsink.

HSF Facing straight up and the 200mm biatch slaps any heat that may show up.

The sink About 1/3 up the way of the fan.


I currently have all fans at MEDIUM

200mm Med (600 RPM) - 108cfm @ 27dBA

120mm Med (1600 RPM) - 56cfm @ 28dBA x 3

Yes, I hear them (but in a very sexy voice)


A LOT larger than the $9.95 Case I had been using :D


I need some batteries for the camera but I have to tell you.


The Thing is Gorgeous!


LOL, well at least I like it a lot so far. :)


Plenty of work to do. I need some very short SATA cables at the very least.

The Dual Matrix Orbital Displays was a wise choice (bonar)

I am also running two "virtual displays" on the desktop feeding me the same info. :)

Gawd I am a sucker for the lights and the bling.

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Making me feel bad. You have the bling, I don't even have a window and I have a piece of electrical tape over the backlit display on my fan controller. It's kind of cool though. It sits under the desk all blacked out except for just the faintest red from the mobo leds getting past the rear fans.. Best part is, it runs completely silent. Until you sit down next to it you can't even tell it's running, then you feel the heat coming out from under the desk.. Intel still has the market on that..

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Dang dude that thing is freakin sweet....glad to see you got something nice to drown your sorrows in...couldnt have made a better pic myself....


Mine was selling most of my core engines and getting the cash to finish mine...11seconds in the 1/4'r mile in less than 350inches is going to be fun...and 10:50's right around the corner....


If I make it I am going to be the new Smiling BOB....;)

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LOL, the last thing I would want to do is make an old friend feel bad Cliff. :)


Here's a shot of my desktop.

You can see the two "virtual displays" in the bottom right hand corner.

It's based on a program called LCDC that is supplied with M.O.s

Or straight out for $9.95. Got a link to a trial somewhere.


Once I get this rig tweaked I'll post some files so at least the NF4 guys can run it and pull the MBM 5 info.




Spent most of the evening wrapping cables.

Black electrical tape. Very pleased with myself.

Not too cluttered looking even at this early stage.

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Some cool stuff you got going on there on zee desktop..


My kick-butt get alot of s*it done desktop.. LOL



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Guest Blooz1

Hey, hey HEY!


Yer gettin' there, bro! Looking good - those are some dandy temps!

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Been running the latest Prime 95 v25.5 for 7 hours (Thanks, Praz)

Also looping a WMP file at the same time. Both cores at 100%.

CPU Temp fluctuating between 43 and 45 degrees LOAD!

Nothing to whine about at all. :)




Gonna pick up some bats for the camera and try and clean up the kitchen table, kitchen counter, coffee table and my desk :D

Got more than a few computer parts laying around this morning.

Should have some pics up later this afternoon unless I am "over served" during the Viking/Bears game.


Lots of work and touching up to do still.

Jebus there are a lot or wires with 3 HDDs and intrnal USB connections for M.O.s and top USBs.

Need to find a place to cut the window panel (raining here).

Think I need more light inside the case as well.


The little kid with the big mouth (ReelFiles avatar) was in my nightmares with the Evil Clown again last night.

I think those two fuggers are planning on ripping me off.

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Haha, don't let it get to you. I asked Travis to change it a while back, but now I think I'll keep him around, hehe

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