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So I bought an Antec 900 to drown my sorrows :D

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Guest element

Fantastical case man. :drool::drool::drool: Pity antecs are sooooo dam expensive over here in NZ.

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No, excellent link Blooz

I think I've read just about every thread and review out there on the ANtec 900 :D


Every case becomes personal to me.

I brought all the drive covers and the DVD with me on this trip so I can paint them, :)

I know it will drive me crazy if I don't.


I found some "Ultra Flat Black" paint (for interior) today.

Not Flat Black, not Flat Black (Satin), but "Ultra Flat Black". woo-hoo


Yes, the wiring/cable management is going to be difficult.

Lil more than a challenge, for sure.

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Antec 900 on Sale at NewEgg with FREE shipping.



Pics of the Parts

All of the drive bay "ears" have different amounts of paint on them.

And of course the back of the drive bay also needs painting.

Jebus, couldn't they have hit it with paint on that side as well.

Bugs the hell out of me. I know the silver will be visible. I gotta paint them.




Top Fan assembly (lil tricky to remove) and Front Bezel (Pulls right off)




Scythe Hard Drive Stabilizer II

(mit out der HDD)

I am liking these more and more.

Certainly more open surface area for the fans to blow over.




Drive Bays and DVD sportin' hi-tech purple painters tape.

Pretty lousy background but you can see how the "ears" of the drive bays have been painted,

(or "not" painted or "a lil' bit" painted or "kinda sorta" painted). :D

so I was determined that everything would be black (and lo', the word of soundx was righteous)




And Yes, I did spray paint them in the parking lot of the La Quinta in Pleasant

Prairie WI :D

And yes, well away from any other vehicles and wind.


I stay at La Quinta's a lot. I like the chain.

*Decent Rate (Senior Rate $62-$67 Single B4 taxes in IL and WI)

*Nice Clean Rooms (Desk, Easy Chair, WiFi, 2 queen or King, and usual stuff)

*Usually good bars and restaurants within walking distance. Bar - woo-hoo!



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LOL, I can't believe you brought the case and sprayed it in their parkin' lot. And I thought I had issues, LMFAO you're too much bro...


I really like those hard drive spacers/silencers, that means I could add even more drives to my unit, for 8 total






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It had already been primed and painted black at home so it was easy.


Shook can for three minutes instead of two.

can up, 10" to 14" from surface.

side to side,b4 edge on one side and past the other side.

two light coats :)


Yes, they came out and asked what I was doing :D

I explained and they gave me that smile meaning they needed to get away. :)


It looks very good. woo-hoo!

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looks sweet man....I like it...


that bed spread says alot of why you're down in FFL...;)

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Update here cause Blooz1 is bugging me :)


Paint is done drying and the "Ultra-Flat Black" looks tits.

Painted the DVD Chassis, so much blackness in the interior. Ultra Uber.

Found some MNPC "Brushed Chrome" film in the soundx98 stashbox. woo-hoo!

I'm thinking a 2" vertical strip all the way up the bay cage (viewing side).

You can't see it with the window panel (left) on.

But a nice lil touch when you remove the panel I think.


The shipment from Frozen CPU arrived with the AC Ryan Acrylpanel Mirror 2.

400x300 or 16x12. Holy crap is it thin! 3mm.

Looked foggy but then I realized I had the protective coatings still on.

The window is either gonna be too narrow or perfect. :D

Plan is to cut some steel (thinkin' jigsaw) so it's a single window.

Some "C" rubber around my cut and then use 3M 4010 or 4012 "super tape" to secure the Mirror 2.


Plan on "folding" a black IDE cable to run down to the NEC DVD at the case bottom.

Think I have a good idea for the SATA signal cables as well.

But I need a tad more time to work out SATA power hookup.

Probably need some type of sleeving or black electrical tape on them.

I really don't know if I want to "reverse" the hard drives due to their visibility through the front fans.

Already thinking of adding a 4th HDD. Put me over a TeraByte :)


Definitely considering forgetting the floppy and adding a second Matrix Orbital display.

Top one dedicated to System Information and the lower one to Multimedia Info. (Got about 200G of AVI files, no pRon, all movies)

New WINAMP looks pretty good so far.


Pics coming this weekend if I make any progress.

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the blackness




Brushed chrome




Little dremel action on the right side to run some wires through.

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that's exactly what I was gonna do with my Lian-Li... I love the way the flat black looks! I was going for flat black all over the inside, and the regular stock silver of my PC-G70S on the outside. even bought the spray paint (which is gonna go to waste since I can't ship it with my household goods :/


I can't wait to see more updates before I leave for basic on Wednesday! :P

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