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So I bought an Antec 900 to drown my sorrows :D

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Gotta cousin with a trophy shop.

Figured since we gave it a "name" (SR-1) it could use a plaque.

(Plus this project seems to be taking MUCH longer than I anticipated)

Figured one on the top and one in the rear.

Just couldn't make up my mind so I had two different styles done.


Victoria Font




Roman Italic Font




Roman Italic on Top and Victoria on Bottom




Any thoughts or am I being a little too gay/gaye/gai?


P.S. radodrill thinks the "radodrill" should be bigger :D

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haha thats awesome. I think all case mods should have one. Maybe a plaque to hang on a wall.


I read above you need some help drilling some metal. I have access to a mill if you are still local.


I started ANOTHER case today. This one is just going to house my old system, but it definatly needs some color.

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courtesy of "Goo-Gone"

Best cleaning product ever imo. I would've been happy to get a bottle of it from mom for the holidays.


I think I prefer the first one with the script font and rounded corners.


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Exceuse my horrible atristic abilities, but I personally would have kept the red and just made something else in the case red (or rather I would prefer black/dark red instead of black/chrome because my emo side comes out when I build computers [everyone has one lol]). This case is byfar the sexiest thing I have ever seen!


Newegg has this case for $120 with free shipping and a $40 rebate brings it down to 80. Should I? And sorry for going off topic, but I'm sure it is louder than my good 'ol P180, eh? Might buy this as my gift to myself and just hope for watercooling when birthday comes around :D


I think I prefer the first one with the script font and rounded corners.

I Third that.

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Temperature outside of Casa Del Crazy Carl is minus 16 degrees at 6AM.

can you say "shrinkage"?


hmmm, seems like everyone likes the Victoria script (bottom) better than the Roman Italic (top)




@his sparkyFTWness - Thanks Dan, I may take you up on that. Very kind :)

rado's plan for the handles makes sense but I am not sure I will use them until I see the SR-1 on the "radoBase".

I am concerned that these handles (or any handles) MAY distract from the "radoBase".


Mac - when is your birthday? I may send a little "goo-gone" to ya.

P.S. - It is OK to remove the DIY Fantasy Football link from your sig now. :)

I got the crap kicked out of me in FFL, no need to rub it in.


t_ski - I go back and forth and forth and back on that every time I look at it.

I like the "nekid black Industrial" look but may change my mind once it all gets put back together.

fortunately it's something I can do at any time in the future.

(maybe a "t_ski for President" sticker or something)


snugglealufacus (I always wondered, is that last "s" in "snugglealufacus" silent, like in Illinois?) :D

The case insides will be blue (fans) , green UV (DFI LP P35 T2R), and black.

The only other thing in the case that is Red is the memory heatspreaders.

Again, a "we'll see" for now :)


I find the case to be quiet, but any case with all those holes will let noise out.

The fans are 3 speed and large so you'll probably hear the smaller, higher RPM, fans over them.

It really is not that large of a case so I'm doubtful that all the Water Cooling stuff would fit in nicely.

But after seeing the great job that mknwatt did on his CM690 http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81927 I guess it's a matter of planning and patience.


It's always nice to have a spare case around.

Just in case one of the cases doesn't match your shoes or handbag :)

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Around -13 here in the Dubuque Iowa area. So MBM5/matrix orbital wizard,

are you going to be able to setup MBM5 for the new DFI board? By the way my search for a MX6 series has been unsuccessful. I did pick up a Matrix Orbital MX432 4 Line for $45.00 shipped. I'm going to mount it inside the case. You will be able to look through the side panel and see the display.

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Just got back in town so if yo are ever serious about driving up (a little less than 320 miles, about 5 hours unless you overclock the car) Casa Del Crazy Carl does have a spare bedroom (and PC). :)


Well both Praz and FreeCableGuy tell me they have not been able to get it to work.

another challenge for the Oldfaht :)

If not, I am pretty sure I can get the "events" working for the "radoBase".


MX432 for $45. Way kewl cat!

Inside the case will be excellent.

scopEDog used a 2 line in his "BarCode" case mod.

(like one of my favorite mods ever)



I bet yours will look terrific.

Pics are a MUST when you get it done.

Please keep me posted on your progress.

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