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Best HDTVs for the Buck

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perhaps you can comment on 120hz LCD's and the pro's and cons of the 120hz refresh rate?


Also, do you feel as though ISF calibration is worth the $300-400 cost?


One month ago I purchased a Panasonic 58pz700u and really like it, I am still in the break in period, so I have not turned up my settings, but I plan on eventually getting the set ISF calibrated. I also purcahsed a PS3 and an HDMI cable from monoprice.com, I'm impressed with the movie playing capabilities of the PS3, I've yet to buy a blu-ray disc, but the upconversion of standard dvd's to 1080p looks outstanding. I haven't even played a ps3 game as of yet, as I see no game worth $60 out yet (MGS 4 & GTA IV will be though)

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Thank you for a very nice thread! I don't plan on buying a flat panel until the mid-distant future, but I think a lot of the info here will still be relevant.


I'm curious to hear your opinions on the lcd "value-brands": Olevia, Westinghouse, Vizio, etc. What do you think of picture quality, both overall and for the price, product quality/longevity, the companies' customer service/warranties, etc.

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Nice little set. I don't have any calibration settings on file (not certified on Toshiba), but check out the 'official' HL167 thread on AVS. Someone has posted settings in the top-most post:




Let me know how it goes!


have you ever tried the COLORVISION SpyderTV?


is it worth buying?

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And I have a Samsung LNS3251D (32" LCD) and I love it.

I bought mine around this time last year and it was the first generation of their new manufacturing process.

I see a lot of other brands on the boats I work on and I have to bite my tongue when the owners brag about how great their picture is.

Black is supposed to be black and not purple.

Yay Samsung.

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This opinion may go against what you have said but after spending a number of hours at the big box stores viewing 40" and 46" LCD's (for a computer monitor/hdtv via directtv) I came the to the conclusion that I preferred the picture of the Sony W3000 and V3000 series to the Samsung LN*****61F series. The 40" Samsung (~$1400) was cheapest followed by the 40" V3000 (~$1500) and the W3000 (~$1700). It just seemed to my eye that the Sony picture was more vivid. When text appeared on the bottom of the screen it seemed sharper as did the weave in clothing. Are you rating your preference for Samsungs on the NON picture qualities, do Sony's degrade (or Samsungs improve) with time or do we just have a difference of opinion? I came in with a bias towards Samsung but based on this weekend excursion I may be leaning a bit toward Sony now.


The Samsung LNT 4071F (~$1900) and Sony KDL-40XBR4 (~$2000) both had nice pictures but as they were ALWAYS kept in a different viewing area from the mid-range sets I found it hard to compare them with each other or their less pricey counterparts .

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With yet another kid returning home, (with their current bf/gf in tow) I need to address our furniture/seating/viewing arrangement. I have been putting off HDTV hoping for a solution to being locked into a crappy homeowners association local cable company and not willing to watch TV without a Tivo connected to it (own 4, one of em HD) but that is another story...


The room is basically as shown below. It is actually wider, but the remainder not shown is not useable as a viewing area as it is pathway to sliding glass doors, as well as constrained from bar stools/bar, pathway to kitchen.




Considering the distance to back end of room, and the narrow band of viewing the room allows I was thinking a 65" DLP would be about right price range and size. I dont think the light from the sliding glass doors will be too big of an issue if the big screen is in front of it since it is northern exposure. Or am I wrong about that?


My kids (ok me too) are avid video gamers. HD wise we have 4 computers, Wii, Xbox, HD Tivo and will probably be adding a HD-DVD player pretty soon after purchase.


I have been looking at the 65833 Mitsubishi for the following reasons...flame me if I am wrong...


  • We may be viewing lots of standard rez as we only have OTA HD at first
  • Afraid of burn in from presence of black side panels
  • Which ever HDTV picked will be used heavily for gaming.
  • Tivo screens, games logos and DVD's are often left on and forgotten with kids and their friends leaving things on.
  • Option for 3D gaming with 120mhz and 3D glasses & system (kids are excited about that)
  • Thinking about adding a media center pc (3D imager requires one anyway) as well, and I think this model has all the necessary connections/ports


But in my research online I only see Mits DLP getting blasted in reviews, forums etc.., (and even here I am confused as even politbureau sees to dismiss it above, yet I guess you just bought one?


Remember my old post? The same settings should bear out, as I recently upgraded to the 65" version of your TV and the same settings work brilliantly. Give them a shot. My meter shows them to get the set to near perfect 6500K colour temp and some of the most linear grayscale tracking out there.




So anyone got any ideas for me? Am I on the right track? After a week of online research, and price hunting, my brain is melting and I am not too sure about reality anymore.





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