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AM2 Motherboards?


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I am looking to do a build for a friend, but I have been out of the loop for a while. How well are the AM2 motherboards doing? I was looking at the DFI Infinity NF570 AM2 board with an A64 X2 5600 windsor, 2GB OCZ Plat DDR2 800, OCZ Gamer extreme 700W power supply, EVGA 8800 GTS (single for now, SLI later) and dual WD Caviar 7200 RPM SATA 3.0 (raid 0). He will be running Vista and it is purely for gaming.


Please give me some feedback on the AM2 motherboards, and or other suggestions for a build similar to this. Thanks in advance.

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Guest Joalaielna

What a coincidence I also am going to be building a new system and have all picked out except for Motherboard. I was just about to post a question when I saw this thread.


Price range is 60-100USD For Motherboard.


To buy:

AMD 6000+ Windsor



SATA DVD drive


Own already:

OCZ Modstream 520

3Hitachi 80gig for raid0

2WD 500gb storage

EVGA 8800gts 640

Audigy2 ZS


Is my PSU ok?

Also I think I'm gonna grab Vista this time around.

should I grab 4g instead of 2? (future Proof)

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Unless you just want to spend more money than need be....


the DFI board would be an OK choice if you intend to clock the chip to its 110% potential...


But if you want something that clocks as good for alot less check out Biostar's TForce line....


570 boards are decent clockers but if you arent going to go SLI I would get a TForce 560 board...better clocker


I have 550 boards, 1 560 board and a 570 board (Epox) and most of the 570 boards I have looked at or read about arents as good of clockers as their lesser counterparts...

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I doubt I will be overclocking this rig as it is not mine and he really has no clue about overclocking. I will check out the Tforce boards as you suggested. So basically, the AM2 boards have proven themselves well with DDR2 or are they not much better than say the 939's? Thanks for the replies.

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Personally it depends....


just depends what you want to do with it and how long you plan to have it...


how much you want to spend and what you already have...


if you have nothing then by all means check out AM2...they got a nice selection of dual cores at a sweet price...


The only difference between AM2 and 939 is just ram preference...939 uses ddr while AM2 uses ddr2...


There is no performance gain by going AM2 in real world... more depends on the board you use...


If you arent going to overclock by all means get a tighter board like a Asus, Abit, Biostar or Gigabyte...


Overclocking usually requires a looser board like a DFI or top line Asus or Abit...


By looser I mean lower performance at stock settings...


939 has some nice prices on CPU's but everything else is still a little high...


with AM2 I would get a TForce 550 or 560 board and the CPU of your choice and 2x1gig of ram...those 3 things will be a little over 200.00 depending on CPU you pick...


I got a 4000+ Brisbane (80.00) so the ram , board and cpu set me back 210.00 not bad for a new rig...

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It will be a pure gaming rig. He has a laptop he using for the video editing and such. I am sure he will have it for atleast 2 years, so I want to make sure it will hold up to the advances in gaming, hence the need for SLI.


Other than that, do the components I picked out look to be a good choice? I would like to get some more inputs for the motherboard as it will not be overclocked. Hell, 2.8Ghz stock is pretty good. I might take it to 3000 tops, but that would depend on how close it already is to peak performance.

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If it's purely for gaming, do your friend a favor and get him XP Pro. Believe me, I've been living with Vista Home Premium for the last 5 months or so and it's been an absolute nightmare with WoW - what with all the patches coming out on a regular basis screwing up all of the addons. lol Seriously, you can't even install games (at least not WoW) to your Program Files because then none of the addons will work. You have to create a Games Files directory after installing the game and then move it from Program Files and even then you're not done because Vista tricks users into thinking Program Files are the same as in XP when in actuality the OS keeps all of the installed software in hidden folders that Joe Blow going from XP to Vista will have no idea where to look for them or even know they exist!


I just bought parts for a new rig myself based off the AM2 and Infinity nF4 board. I'm gonna load XP Pro w/SP2 on it. The only reason it's not built yet and I'm still on #$%^ Vista is because I won't be in my new house till later this month and I've already imposed enough on my pal and his family. They don't need computer parts all over the house and me trying to OC and finetune it.


Just to give you a basis for comparison these are the parts that went into it:


mobo: DFI Infinity nF UltraII-M2 AM2 nForce4 Ultra

case: Antec Nine Hundred

cpu: A64 X2 4600+ Windsor (65W)

ram: 2x1GB OCZ Plat Rev DDR2 800

hsf: Thermalright Ultra-120

psu: Antec True Power 550

vid: eVGA 8800GTS 320MB

hdd1: WD Raptor 36GB

hdd2: Seagate Barracuda 400GB 3.0GB/s SATA

dvd: generic black SATA 16x/48x

snd: SB X-fi Xtreme 7.1

mon: Viewsonic Optiquest Q20WB 5ms 20" LCD


After hunting for deals and after rebates, etc. I got the whole shebang for just under 900 bucks including the mobo that I got off of Travis for 70 bucks shipped (that saved me 10 bucks). Granted I'm importing some things from my old rig like speakers, keyboard, mouse, second hdd, etc.; but if he's on a budget like me this type of setup should easily last him 2 years -especially if he goes SLI which I'm not gonna do.

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