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Asus M2N32 SLI Wireless and Opteron 1212

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NP Brother.


Just do us a favor - when you get it - post up your results!


Well, i got everything up and running. I had to buy the wireless version of the m2n32 because I could'nt find the non-wireless. This is all greek to me. My board came with bios 09xx or something, and i installed windoze and a few drivers, firewall and anit-virus before i flashed my bios. I did it by going to asus website, downloading latest non-beta bios 1201, saved it to desktop, started easyflash, selected (select bios by file), it listed my file sitting on the desktop in the "find" menu, hit enter and away we went.


It rewarded me with a (successful flash) screen, and i went into bios, and sure enough, everthing was set back to default and i paused the reboot screen to read bios version, and it said bios 1201. It boots that fast i can't even read anything.


But i screwed up installing drivers with anti-virus on, because my benchies aren't what they should be. I saw Travis' post on the 8800's, and his '03 score is the same as mine, and his aquamark is higher than mine, and my card is clocked higher than his, Besides the inconsistancy.


Is it ok to uninstall the mobo drivers with all my programs installed and re-install them? I'm going to get driver cleaner pro and re-install the gfx card drivers as well. I also had some issues with disabling the wireless connection, and i ended up having to do it in device manager and control panel. Doesn't let me do it in bios. I had to call my isp to help sort out the mutitude of connections showing up in control panel, and all the yellow !'s in device manager for network connections


Also, i have like 33 proccesses running in task manager, with a commit charge of almost 400m. I wanted to copy and paste them here but i can't. I could list them all, but that would take a long time. I DL coolbits only to find it's the same thing as the cp desktop manager in the gfx driver...sheeesh, i got a long road ahead of me straightening and sorting all this out.


Still kinda fun though, I'm not complaing, just asking for a little help understanding these drivers, and getting to know the mobo. Also, i can't find anything to let me know if if i am in fact, running my mem in dual channel. I have them both in the yellow slots next to the cpu, like it says in the manual to run in dual channel mode. I have an option in bios that says "run memory in sli mod", but i only have 1 gfx card. That's not the dual channel control, is it?


Edit; Never mind...problem resolved with a fresh install of os.

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Feast your eyes on this: (CPU has Thermaltake Waterblock - so anyone who says TT sucks, doesn't know sh!t)



Take a look at that memory speed... (Not to mention the GPU)

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