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owcraftsman's Flea Market PCP&C E6600 P965 -S DARK & PC Games

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So I can watch (for example) Married with Children on my computer? I just need the card in my PC, and my monitor connected to my GPU and bam, I'm G2G?


There are no unusual connection to make other than connecting an antenna. I use a satilite box and use the s-video connection in combination with antenna. The tuner card is installed in to an empty PCI slot besides the afore mentioned that's it no additional internal connections required.

TY again for your interest!

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I'm still interested in the expert if you'll answer my pm about postage costs :)

Swong I do apologize when I saw how much I knew I wouldn't pay it and figured you could have come to the same conclusion but I digress.


I went to www.USPS.com looked up International shipping and came up with this list.

International Shipping

1-3 Days (Global Express Guaranteed®)

3-5 Days (Express Mail International®)

6-10 Days (Priority Mail® International)

First-Class Mail® International

I selected First Class and estimated the shipping weight to be aprox. 4-5 lbs.

According to the chart found here you would have to pay atleast $80 to ship which raise the cost to $180.

Now I know you want it and I'd love to sell it to you but I'm guessing it might be a pipe dream.

I illustrate it here in the thread so maybe somebody who may have the same thoughts might realize how expensive it really is to ship international.

Be aware that's not all you will have to pay, there are duties due in the neighborhood of $25 when you get the package.

Cold hard facts.... but I do appreciate your interest and thank you for the bumpage

Cheers Mate ;)

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