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Need help flashing a 7950 GX2

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I've got a friend having issues with a 7950 GX2 not functioning due to a wiped bios. I'm trying to get him a method of flashing the cards with the right bios so it'll at least run again. The weird thing is, nvflash gives him this message:


a:>nvflash -b backup.rom


Select display adapter:


<0> GeForce 7900 GTX (10DE, 0290, 0000, 0000) H : P B:03, PCI, D: 00, F: 00

<1> GeForce 7900 GTX (10DE, 0290, 0000, 0000) H : P B:03, PCI, D: 00, F: 00


Select <0>, <1> *yada yada*...screen may go blank..*.yada yada yada*


(Same message as follows when either adapter is selected)


Reading adapter firmware image...


Image size : 0 bytes

Version : Unavailable (Invalid)

~CRC32 : 00000000

Subsystem Vendor ID : 0000

Subsystem ID : 0000

Hierarchy ID : None


Saving of image completed.


This indicates to me that the bios on the chips is totally blank. Also note that the gpu's show as 7900's instead of 7950's... Is there a way to force-flash the chips with the correct bios? This is a process I've never had to mess with before, so any pointers here would be a big help.

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