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MoH Airborne

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Yeah I would have to say that MOH AA got me into the FPS kinda games. I loved the movie about saving ryans privates and the beach landing was always my most favorite part of the game. COD2 was a great leap forward though but I think there is only so much you can do with a WWII game, its not like any crazy technology can be added to the game I mean it was the 1940's so its kinda limited just to better graphics and different battle fields n stuff.


I'm downloading the Demo from H'n'R's link ( 700Kbs :) thanks dude ) right now, wow 1.27Gb

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Alright... I just finished it...


And having breezed my way through it (i'm a natural at FPS games) I have to agree with other reviews first of all, this game is way too short.


The levels are fun, shooting is realistic in my opinion, and I just love that shotgun. The whole open environment thing wasn't kidding, you can literally get to just about every point in the map.


Graphically... if you're planning on playing this game at anything above 1280x1024, you better have a seriously powerful graphics card, you can forget about it. My Quad/SLI system stumbled on a few parts (mostly, I believe, because of the fact that this game is DESIGNED with a Ageia Physx card in mind, which I don't have one because I don't have a slot open for one (and I won't until I get liquid cooled, single-slot 9 series cards in 3 months) because I'm not giving up X-Fi sound just to have a little bit better graphic/physics performance in some games. :-D


Overall, I have to say, I give this game an 8 outta 10. It's fun, for being a shooter, it's plot is rather linear as others have said, but doesn't make it any less fun... it coulda been longer, hence why I didn't even consider giving it a nine, and it's an 8 because it doesn't really have the highs and lows like MOHAA or even PA does, but it is fun to play. The whole mastering the guns thing is kinda cool since you get the upgrades at certain points... I got my shotgun fully upgraded and had a fun time taking out snipers with it (unrealistic much?) LOL


I recommend at least a 2GHz Core2Duo, 2GB of RAM (I'm not aware of how much RAM it actually uses as I haven't really paid attention to ram usage in game, but I'm sure it's at least 1.5GBs with normal programs running) and an 8 series or better graphics card if you wanna play this game at a decent (or widescreen) reso.


EA, you coulda done better, but you coulda done a whole WHOLE lot worse.

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What drivers and SLI settings did you use fo MOH?


I ran the demo with the 160.03 beta's that came out June or so. I tried setting up my own profile, but after playing around a bit, I found the Fear SLI profile worked best for me. I tweaked that by forcing AFR SLI, 4x AA, 8xAF, V-sync off. The game ran well on my system, 50-75 fps, a low of ~25 fps when parachuting back into the action. Ran at 1680x1050, all game settings on high.


Regarding drivers, I haven't tried any of the newer drivers yet. I know that nVid just came out with some new beta's the other day. But ARMA plays pretty well on the 160.03's which is my game of the moment & everything else I enjoy play very well on the 160.03's as well.


I would imagine that the MOH ought to run well on pretty much any 79xx series card. I agree with the 2GB RAM & at least a 2G cpu.


Too bad that the game is so short. Is it as short as the Spearhead expansion for MOH:AA?


How's the multiplayer? Similar to Pacific Assault in regard to game types?

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Well.........found this over at fpsadmin.com posted by Rudedog. Here.


Who the hell is RudeDog?


Well, back in the day, RD ran the alliedassault.com server / website which was one of the best gaming servers / fan sites I have ever seen. Sure, for me it was all brand new and shiny back then, but all that was really out for pc games were Half Life, Counter Strike, Doom & MOH:AA. This was the site for all things MOH. Well, as with all things in the internet, with the Spearhead ex pack and all the frustrations running MOH servers, RD gave up AA.com and the AA.com game server. He did a few other projects, such as fpsadmin, which is a great resource for game admins / people running their own severs. I take his point of view as someone who is knowledgeable and has tried to facilitate getting EA to give gamers something better when it comes to anything MOH. Regarding the MP, it's not so good. Pretty light with very poor dedicated server support.


Too bad. EA screwed the pooch again.

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Basically the game is all that everyone has already said.


Personally I think it's a pretty good game. Here's a short rundown of my thoughts about it...


:Gameplay: The game uses the Unreal3 engine which is very good. All the models move very smoothly, and theres next to no terrain/map issues that I could see.


There were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way such as when aiming through iron sights or a scope, on the PC you really cant control how far you lean/peak around corners, so its either you lean all the way or none at all. That may not be an issue for some, but it was a bit odd for me. Another thing that was annoying was how you change levels (changing levels of standing i.e. stand/crouch/prone). I'm actually not even sure you can go prone in the game... can anyone confirm or deny that? I was only able to crouch and stand.


Another thing that was annoying was grenades. I've literally sniped a grenade through a 1x2 window into what seemed like a 10x10 pillbox bunker with 4 enemies in it, and it killed maybe one of them. Grenades don't really have much of a kill radius it seems like. Also the grenade explosions are garbage as was mentioned above.


Aside from those quirks, it is a very smooth and easy game to play with. Just don't expect anything absolutely outstanding about the gameplay.




- Things I did like were how the game upgrades your weapons throughout the levels. It sort of gives each weapons some minor additions such as extended clips for automatic weapons, bullet strips for faster reloading on bolt action rifles, scopes, satchels that carry more grenades, things like that. I'm not sure if other MOH games did this type of thing since this is the first one I've played since MOH: AA, but it is a great feature.


Another thing I did like about the game is if you are having trouble pin-pointing how to complete an objective, there are always enemies coming at you. Take note that I said I did like this because in a lot of other games, if you're searching for an objective and everything is dead, it gets pretty boring. There's just constant action in this game, which is a huge plus. You're never sitting around doing nothing, and you're pretty much constantly under fire.


- Things that I didnt like so much were the upper level enemies with the miniguns and the panzerschreks(spelling?)... I guess it is intended, but you literally are hard pressed to kill one of these guys with less than a full clip with an automatic weapon. I swear I tried to kill one of these "elite" enemies at range with a Kar98 and I must have shot him in the head 5-6 times before he went down. Dead on head shots and he is still pumping minigun rounds at me. I guess this isnt something to be complaining about because elite enemies are always part of a game, but cmon... 6 shots to the head?


- Also, parachuting into battle every time gets a bit redundant. I know the game is based on the Airborne Squad, but still... I enjoyed it for the first few levels, but after a while I just found myself getting pissed that I wasn't killing people, but instead trying to navigate a parachute into a green smoke flare so I don't get my butt shot off when I land.




- Bar none the best looking WWII game I've ever played or seen. If you have a good machine, which pretty much everyone on this board does, you owe it to yourself to at least try the demo for this game. It is really beautiful in terms of visuals, except for as I mentioned above the sub-par explosions. Minus explosions though, it's incredible.




- If you were a fan of Allied Assault, and you are one of those people who have been waiting for a MOH title that is going to live up to it, this is probably the one. Or... it's at least as close as EA is ever going to get to it. Overall it is a good game. The problems that I mentioned having with the game above were annoying, but they were only minor annoyances.


Ultimately if you are a fan of the MOH series, or just WWII games in general, I would suggest grabbing it. I haven't even played the multiplayer portion of the game yet, so I can't comment on that, but the campaign is indeed very enjoyable.






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I'm using either the 162.18s or 163.44 beta drivers, either work great with it, if you force AFR1. I was getting between 70-150FPS with it dipping down in some of the memory holes it has in it's maps a bit, turned on VSync and that actually helped, I stay at a straight 60FPS most of the time. Gorgeous game I say again, I'm working on mastering all the weapons just for the hell of it.

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