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Monitor warlockery...

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This problem has me completely baffled... up all night... I actually can't sleep because it's so ridiculously full of insanity...


I'm going to break the problem down into 2 monitors, and 3 different computers... if that makes sense??




Monitor-A :: Viewsonic vx922 19" LCD

Monitor-B :: Old Compaq 17" CRT


PC-A :: My current pc with an x1900xt

PC-B :: An old pc with a 9700pro

PC-C :: My roommate's pc with a 7800gtx


Alright now that you know what the variables contain that I'm going to be using, try to help me assess what in the (pardon my french) flying xxxx is going on with this monitor...


The issue is with monitor-A. It's worked for over a year flawlessly on pc-A, and during a trial run windows vista ultimate installation, it suddenly just starts NOT receiving a signal from the graphic card during POST, and continues to neglect to receive a signal. The computer DOES in fact POST, and boots up entirely. I know this because I then plugged in monitor-B to pc-A, and it works perfectly fine.


So now I'm starting to troubleshoot... Monitor-B worked fine in pc-A, which led me to believe either the monitor was dead, or my DVI cable just went bad. So I snatch up my buddy's DVI cable from his LCD monitor that is working fine, and hook it up to my lcd monitor-A and attach is to my pc-A... No signal once again. At this point I was 100% sure that the monitor had died... But stay tuned for the kicker...


I unhook monitor-A, and pull out my old rig, pc-B, and attach monitor-A to it. PC-B is in perfect working condition, because 30 minutes prior to troubleshooting, the compaq monitor was on it and it was at the desktop. So monitor-A goes into pc-B with the 9700pro, and it still won't receive a signal. This is what I had expected would happen, so I continue to try to figure out what the problem is, but in the back of my mind I really just knew my monitor had died... or did it..?


I unhook monitor-A from the old rig (pc-B) and take it into my buddy's room and hook it up to his computer (pc-C) with the 7800gtx... THE FREAKIN THING POWERED ON AND RECEIVED A SIGNAL WITH NO PROBLEM... I almost . my pants to be honest... I unhooked it faster then my eyes could process what I was doing and ran back into my room and hooked it back up to my pc-A... Nothing... no signal, nothing once again.


I'm completely baffled, tired, and stressed out. I have no idea what the problem is, or how I can come to a conclusion as to why it isn't working on my ati cards... Coincidence? I have no idea... Someone please inform me!

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I would try different video drivers and play around with the refresh frequencies on the monitor; or the display control panel itself. If it will works with the VGA and not the DVI, most likely for some reason the horizontal and vertical refresh frequencies are off on between the monitor and the video card. The easiest way to try to troubleshoot this is plug in that CRT to the VGA port and plug in the LCD to the DVI port of the same computer. That way you can enable extended desktops and see which setting gives you a picture through the DVI connector to LCD. If you find a setting that it likes, you can unplug that CRT. I am sure if you booted the comp in VGA mode (below safe mode)...it would display a picture.

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