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Help tried absolutly everything still black.

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Okay my computer totally went loco last night.


I couldn't get past the windows startup screen it would always reset so i switched out the hard drives to some brand new ones and some old ones that had windows installed, still no luck it said error loading operating system. Okay thought it might be video card switched that out still no luck put old one back in.


Thought it might be power supply tried a older one that's 500w still no worky


Now i'm thinking it's either the mobo or cpu, the computer is about 8 months old.


here are the specs, when i try to start it now i get 4 led's with the 4th one flashing every 2 seconds


500w antec psu.

amd fx55

lanparty nf4 mobo


2x512 sticks of ram ( only using one to try to boot it up)

2x200 gb hard drives ( only trying to get one to boot)

2x18xdvdrw drives ( only trying to get one to boot up with it to install windows)


that's about it , it's in a thermaltake armor case if that helps any, anyone have any suggestions??

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