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Sell My Comp For A Laptop?

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you know the rules...don't make me have to give you a warning.


but...Open Office is actually as good as MS Office as far as I'm concerned. We are taking a look at it right now, and we'll decide in a month or so of using it if it's better than MS Office (we don't need all the features MS Office has and I'm damn tired of paying $500 for the full suite every couple of years when MS releases a new version)


Sorry lol.


And I've never tried OO and to be honest, MS Office gets used very little at home and almost exclusively at school. But I imagine next year and university will be much more the opposite.


I would wait until Oct before purchasing your Mac laptop......that will be when Leopard will be released so you wont need to buy it. I can't wait to buy it for my Powermac G5.


I already said I'm waiting till the end of the school year but thanks, I didn't know the release date.


spell check isnt as good on OO as msword.

i find apple ... only look nice.

other then that. its just a expensive paperweight.


i find no advantages apple has against windows or linux laptops desktops workstations. or vice versa.


but for price, apples suck a watermelon


i never seen an apple server. lol makes me laugh if there is one.


IMO if you pay 2000$ for an apple.. id rather pay 2000$ for an ibm toughbook.


You just don't get it. But thats ok. :P


everyone has their own opinions about apple (or linux or windows). I've finally in the last 2 years had chances to sit down and use a mac (powerbook or ibook or something relatively modern, but not brand spankin' new).


I really enjoyed it once I got the hang of where things were at and how things were done. I really can see why Mac people are so elitist about the things, but if Macs were a bit more open to software and hardware, there wouldn't be any elitists left.


however, the software that is compiled for them works flawlessly (yes I've seen a mac program crash, but then, I've seen probably a couple hundred thousand windows programs crash). Usually runs better on a mac than on a comparable PC. Stability is a big factor, ease of use, performance. All tops on a Mac for a Mac user who uses his Mac for whatever purposes he needs them for. Gaming generally isn't one of them, especially on laptops, and then you ad Mac into that equation and get a negative number haha.


It's the same with Linux. Make it easier to use, and you won't have anymore Linux elitists because everyone would take a crack at using it. Linux has it's purposes, and gaming isn't one of them either. Sure you can game on them, like you can a mac, but it's not the ease-of-use gaming we enjoy on windows (for the masses, not you 7 linux dorks who compile code in your head at night trying to fall asleep).


For specific purposes, Linux is the OS of choice. Millions of servers and what, playstation3's and other stuff that uses it, can't be wrong, can it? Nah, it rocks.


For specific purposes, Mac is the rig of choice. Millions of graphics artists, 3d modelers, movie editors, music editors, etc, can't be wrong, can they? Nah, it rocks.


For you and me who don't do any one specific thing on our personal rig/laptop, specific OS or specific machine would limit our choices of all the general things we like to do (porno, email, web, games, voice chat, porno, digital cam, youtube, porno, file sharing).


Ease of use and generality makes Windows my OS of choice. Going to school though, I'd love to have a Mac laptop. I'd choose one over a Windows laptop if money wasn't an option (like owning a mac laptop means i'd be eating ramen noodles for 9 straight semesters)


Very wise IMO. If only everyone saw it that way.


as a WVU junior i can really say the laptop is mainly a major distraction when you have that nice wireless and time between classes looking back all my major writing projects, research, drafting etc... it was all done on my tower, best idea is to have 2 monitors for your desktop, that's what i have running right now its what i wish i had in the dorms, it allows me to to have my Internet research up in one window and word up in the other. dual monitor > laptop only time your going to get work done on a laptop is when your on the road


But a laptop is the exact same but portable... I would think a desktop would be more of a distraction than the laptop because it plays computer games. And all you need is one monitor and you can dual mith your laptop (right?).


How is a laptop more of a distraction than a desktop? Sounds more like a self control problem to me.


Yeah, if your on the net instead of doing your work then where you are wont make a difference and you just need to buckle down and work.

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