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Zalman vf900cu led, rad and block


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Im no longer looking to trade for a maze cause i got a good deal on a mcw60. So im looking for $35 shipped for it. I will get some pictures of it up tomorrow.

Ive also got a Black Ice Xtreme 1x120mm rad and a mcw6000 water block with 3/8" fittings and socket 478 hold down but i was able to use that hold down to hardmount the block to skt939 without a problem.


th_65677_Picture_017_122_630lo.jpgth_65681_Picture_018_122_58lo.jpg th_65685_Picture_009_122_658lo.jpgth_65691_Picture_019_122_774lo.jpgth_65697_Picture_020_122_1090lo.jpg


For them both--$40 shipped to Canada to US probably $2-$5 more.

The rad--$25 shipped.

The block--$20 shipped.

All three for $65 shipped

My heatware

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