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Help overclocking ?


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Well I've had this system for quite awhile. (2005)

It's current parts are ;


DFI Lanparty UT NF4-SLI DR Rev A00 w/ Tonys 4.06?? i believe bios. (One of the later ones) 101mhz PCIE, 300mhz bus, 3xHTT

OCZ4001024PFDC-K (just upped to cas 2.5 and 225mhz)

Opteron 165 LCB9E 0646RPMW 9*300

BFG OC2 8800GTS 320mb (720s/980s)


So since I got my BFG I've been wanting to break the 10ks with 3dmark '06... I topped the 9700s as my highest score but that was before I reinstalled my 'OS ... Anyhow I'm caught in the 9500s


One thing that has been bothering me is that I have been stuck at 300mhz on the HTT with this board and many people have been hitting well over 330s


Raising the chipset voltage and lowering ram, cpu and HT multipliers don't help very much at all even when putting them at near stock.


I still have the stock heatsink on the chipset but I don't believe that temperatures are the cause... I have a pretty powerful house-fan blowing directly on the system... they are under load around 32 cpu/31chipset/50GPU


I would just like to have some assistance if anyone here is familiar with the products that compose my system.


I have got the cpu as high as 2950s but I didn't want to push it too much over 1,4volts...


If anyone would have any tips I'd be pretty thankful!!!

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"Socket 939 - Help overclocking ?


I have got the cpu as high as 2950s but I didn't want to push it too much over 1,4volts..."




what exactly do you want to do, it appears you got a good clock already. if you have good aftermarket cooling on the CPU you should be able to go over 1.4v on the vcore.


as far as the stock DFI chipset cooler, can it and put on an evercool VC-RE or an HR-5, it will cool the chipset mucho better....


secondary timings on the ram will help a lot with the higher HTT frequencies, however, the CPU mem controller may be weak, and no matter what you do, that little problem can't be overcome, well it can, but you have to get another CPU.....


BTW, it would behoove you to create a signature, part of the forums rules, especially when asking for help....



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Well thank you soo much for the warm welcome :D


So I still have the stock heatsink, but I have a high speed 80mm fan blowing on it. I thaught the stock heatsink looked like it had a good design anyways much better than the pipeless one that came with my Venice... The sensors in my computer also give me low temps; 35c cpu and 31c motherboard. So I thaught getting a new heatsink/fan set-up would be a waste unless, ofcourse I go for one of them thermo-electric ones... anyways I thaught.



I guess your right about the mem controller tho... I think it's the one that is limiting me here. I've tried 200mhz ram and 1.8ghz cpu but still cant get the HT upto 333mhz... I guess I'm just screwed huh ?

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