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Who would like to see Bios flash tools, aswell as drivers for linux ?



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  1. 1.

    • YES defently the support should be as great as in windows
    • No, why should we have it.
    • Maybe, depends on the demand.
    • I dont care.
    • Atleast Bios flash utility.
    • Most important drivers and flash utility

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As a Linux user, I would like your opinion for supporting Desktop boards for Linux.


I use Linux for my notebook as well as for Router(networking) server, media center.


And well, I just hate that some computers are worse supported for Linux than others, Linux is free, and is greatly liked by many.

Dell began to ship computers with Ubuntu pre-installed, sony made a how to install Linux on Ps3 as well, blizzard gets their butt toasted by we want blizzard installers for Linux

Which it should have, already made the game with open GL support, since they have the games on mac.


But for this to be more likely to happen, hardware support should be better, this mainly goes for Ati, and mostly any motherboard manufactures.


So would you think it should be better support for Linux, and not be you must use windows in order to buy great parts ?



Pardon me if you doesnt think Linux is such a great system, personally, I belive it is, since it does what I tell it should do, not anything else, everything is supported great, except parts which some producers dont give information about nor drivers.

No one should complain about Linux support for hardware, they do better job than Microsoft at all areas(100% TRUE)

They don't got no company who makes all the drivers for them, Microsoft havnt even made the visual engine for Windows Vista i guess, made the theme, not the engine, Stardock have.

I would use last sentence to send some thanks to: Intel and Nvidia mainly for Great Linux/Windows support and Asus for partially support for linux

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As a Linux user it might look strange that I did select "At least Bios flash utility". Why not drivers as well? For me it's more a matter of definition. What I foremost would like to see is open data-sheets so open drivers could be developed. I'm not against proprietary drivers, but prefer developments of free open ones.


DOS images are available so as long as manufacturers support the old standard of flash utilities based on DOS BIOS flash isn't a problem. I recently encountered a problem with a MSI AM2 board which only option outside Windows was a user developed procedure using a 98/ME start-up disk. Maybe MSI has fixed that, but at the time - less than a month ago - it appeared quite retarded. Nevertheless it would be nice to see a fully free cross-platform solution.


A thumb up for Abit since they provide BIOS updates to solve compatibility issues in Linux! To me it looks like Abit overall has regained strength.

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hehe.. cause drivers are atleast possible to find.. flash utility is normally dependent on the manufacture..


I belive dfi got needs a special utility.


Abit havnt dissapointed me in the motherboards themself, i have used abit before, msi got some retarded stuff.


I have done extreme overclocking with abit, they got some errors which is really annoying. overall, its one of the best budget boards yes.


For overclocking, I cant reccon anything else than dfi, for the normal user is dfi quite too advanced. the bios is just terrifying for a normal user i guess.


Cross platform.. would be nice to see that, I can say that Linux got some great stuff, but Microsoft's windows is just terrible, if you think of the price atleast, they are able to do marketing, and make some enterprise solutions.

even though windows will fade away, microsoft defently wont, if their windows dies due to mac or linux, they could make applications and stuff.


Atleast options to select and not be forced to select os based on games and applications :) No to monopole.

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