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Water Cooling Advice needed

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I'm not a fan of those kits (except those by Swiftech, DangerDen, and Petrastechshop).


Even for n00bs to H2O it's not hard to pick separate parts; the one thing I certainly recommend to first time water users is to do a lot of research before buying and know what you're getting into. I know before I went with H2O I was considering Koolance, but the more I read I found that they're absolute junk.


Do it right or dont even think about doing it. Agreed though I might add the corsair kit for just the CPU or video card. The swifttec kit is very good but I would replace the tubing with some Masterkleer they sell at petras. I like it better than the Tygon. Avoid the high inpingment designs like the Storm unless you are willing to be a freak about keeping the line clean.


I gave up on watercooling for now. The Thermalright Ultra and similar products are so good I am not really losing anything. It did seriously help the video card it is hard to match WC for a serious overclock.

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