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Your imput on these monitors please

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Hello I'm upgrading from my 5 year old 17" gateway crt. It's time to go lcd. I'm giving myself around a $400 budget and I want widescreen. These are the two screens I'm considering now. They are nearly identical, both are 22" widescreen with 2ms response time and both are native resolution 1680 x 1050. As you can see the LG is 30 bucks more expensive and has superior contrast ratio, of 3000:1 wow.




Apparently the samsung is the most controversial monitor ever (read some of its 600+ reviews). Something about samsung manufacturing many different versions around the world to keep up with demand. Some versions are superior to others and its like a lottery, if you get an S class you win. If you get an A or C class you RMA and hope for the S or something. http://www.behardware.com/articles/667-1/s...he-verdict.html

hardforum thread on this subject with like 2000 replies;



I know many of you have the samsung 226bw and I'd like to hear what you have to say. Can I really go wrong with that LG? I don't think so but maybe I'm wrong. I always like to get perspectives from the people here, you guys know your stuff.

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