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ECC registered RAM and ASUS a8n-sli deluse

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Hey guys..

I have a problem here..


My boss has a ASUS A8n-SLI deluxe at work we use for your "server".

He wants to use ECC ram in it, with it does support..


However. When I started looking to buy some. I can only find registered ECC ram..

I'm not sure if this is supported by this mobo and cant seem to find any info on weather it does or not...


I do know it has to be un-buffered but thats all I can find on it..


So my question is..

Will ECC registered ram work with this mobo?

If not is there a such thing as ECC non-registered ram?


Thanks guys...

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ECC of any type should be fine, so long as it's unbuffered. As far as I know, all current ECC ram is registered, as that's what ECC does. It stores the data, checks it against the original, registers it as valid, then writes the data.

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What specifically does this server do, how many people could hit it simultaneously, and why does he want ECC registered memory? Is he computer literate or, is ECC registered just a term he found somewhere?

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